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  1. i hate u🤯🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  2. I hate when people act like bitches over “respect” like yes everyone should be respectful to each other but at the end of the day they don’t have to respect you. Like just grow tf up and move on. Plus the people who go on and on about it are usually the people being disrespectful.

  3. Disbanding lobbies. Literally takes any feeling of community away. No point in shit talking, no point in trying to communicate with your team.

  4. He's a kid... Don't look too much into it.

  5. Leave it to redditors to be experts on anything

  6. The only issues I have in gunfights is sometimes missing shots and I have reviewed shadowplay and my sights are clearly in the person but my bullets just miss? Other issue is where on my screen I can run behind cover but die and in the enemy kill cam I was nowhere near where I died and I have pretty good connection.

  7. No I mean I have been point blank and I can literally see the bullets hitting with no damage. This extreme has only happened a few times but this makes me wonder how many are actually hitting and how many are just not working. I know that slugs for example don’t hit accurately at long range and don’t go exactly where you aim, I’m saying my bullets sometimes legit hit someone and do nothing.

  8. Lowkey I enjoyed the ish out of watching that. Can I see a montage?

  9. lol im sure i can record more, happens all the time to me.

  10. The store made me crash before. Wanted to preview an item but then it crashed. Guess I won’t be tempted to buy it now?

  11. Literally see no one talk about this but flashes are the most obnoxious equipment. You don’t even have to face them to get the full flash effect

  12. Agree, probably one of the worst balanced maps for domination. The side with the fortress is way better. Most games I’ve played the other team basically can’t get out of spawn.

  13. IMO, it would make a big difference by just closing one of those 2 windows that looks over flag B

  14. That’s what I thought as well. I find my problem with the maps in this game is that there are just too many sight lines in some maps that just seem unbalanced.

  15. Its the self entitlement, combined with not knowing the difference between local admin rights and 365 admin. I keep telling myself it must be a joke. It has to be.

  16. So wait this is real?? It’s not a shitpost???!?!?

  17. OP is clearly not understanding that the email is almost entirely in jest and the dev probably had admin at one point and it was removed without a notification, hence the “furious I say!” part.

  18. I just can’t tell sometimes you know? Some of the tickets that come in make me question reality sometimes.

  19. Haha, not a surprise. Shotguns are so terrible.

  20. I think the shotguns in the game are actually pretty good. Why do you think they aren’t good in this game? I would like to hear your opinion.

  21. You have some good points and I would initially agree with you however in this game the shotguns work a little differently than traditional cod games I would say. I’ve noticed that when you ads it makes the spread tighter making kills this way more consistent. You could say “we’ll shotguns should be consistent when hip firing” but I actually think this makes them more balanced. It rewards good accuracy. I can use them pretty consistently getting long range kills for a shotgun consistently when ads. I would recommend you try it out and I can guarantee that you will enjoy them more. I will add however than I feel marksman rifles are almost like better shotguns in some cases but I feel like marksmen rifles in this game are a little too strong.

  22. Why would u waste so many before realizing you can just set a timer on your phone….

  23. I would argue that its not even clear you have used the token. its not very obvious until you load into a game and level up faster than normal. Just not acceptable imo.

  24. Or it’s the other way around, they google something and tell you they know how to fix it but just can’t do it. 99% of the time the fix they found is unrelated but they are sure as hell it will fix the problem.

  25. I’m havin meself a wank tanight I guess

  26. Duval drivers make me want to kill myself. The buckman can suck my ass too.

  27. It’s gotten so much worse in the past few years too

  28. I swear there’s an accident everyday on that horrid bridge

  29. Bruh what? Getting excited while young and talking to a girl is easy precum territory. Hormones are prepping you to get laid

  30. Found the guy who’s penis doesn’t work. Sad!

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