1. It’s a sherbert sour…which tastes just like you’d expect - sweet and delicious!

  2. I love how your tits always have hickeys on them...that is so fucking hot! Btw I like shopping at Wegmans also (we must be close)

  3. Welcome back !! Congrats and Enjoy….. and thank for posting all my favorite beers with style !!! If you could just sneak in a GL best light beer 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Haha, you’re welcome! I’ll have to add that to the list😋

  5. Hell yeah I’ll be enjoying a G&T myself in the shower shortly

  6. Cheers and thanks! I do have enough for a few more glasses!

  7. Congrats and good choice on the wegmans bubbly! They have some fantastic products :-D

  8. I used to live with a garbage plate, but then I moved to cheese steaks!

  9. Rosey cheeks making those buns look like a heart! ❤️

  10. At first glance, I thought that your floor was a keyboard 😅 happy weekend! 🍻

  11. Right? Was pretty tasty, a strong blueberry flavor.

  12. Same! Might have to be my next shower beer 😊

  13. Great start to the day! What’s in the mug?

  14. Sounds interesting thanks for the recommendation

  15. Don’t you look all happy to try that lager 😉. How was it?

  16. I liked it! It’s lighter than other Oktoberfests which is a nice change.

  17. Beautiful... wish I was there to add some!!

  18. I was surprised how good it is too! Great photo!

  19. More pictures of this would be wonderful...you are too sexy and cute!!

  20. I appreciate it, I’ll work on it!😉

  21. Blood Orange seems to be the summer-flavor this year! 🍻

  22. My wife was the same way. I used to joke that we had four kids because I like having a designated driver.😀 Congrats on the baby. Lots of work ahead but it is worth it.

  23. Haha I think my husband enjoyed the DD too! Yes, a lot of work but we love her so much already!

  24. need three more waterers, tipping 20k bells or a nmt, you can shop, fish, catch bugs :) SH, native peaches

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