1. My partner has had it twice. The second time was better than the first.

  2. Really hoping that is my experience! What were their symptoms first time vs second? Hope they feel better soon!

  3. The first time it was like a mild flu case. He did the infusion because of other health issues. The second time, he had some fatigue and a sore throat. We have been Covid free since early November.

  4. I have recovered from Covid (negative test) but have lost 15 pounds and have no appetite. Anyone else in this shape??

  5. Same exact thing here. I’m still having diarrhea after 11 days. I just got my two negatives this morning.

  6. I am now one month past Covid. No issues except my weight is steady and I can wear a 32x32 jeans slim fit. My appetite has recovered but I do seem to eat less.

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