My girlfriend just gave birth to our first child. I know I’m not the biological father and I revealed I knew as soon as she gave birth.

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My girlfriend refused to let her terminally ex see his dog so I took it to him.

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12 year old Palestinian girl holds her own while being beaten and choked by Israeli forces

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  1. Part of me doubts he’s even gonna step up like he said he would but who knows. Hopefully he’s a good guy.

  2. As I said before: if you’re not there to make sure a test is done before she names you as the father, your name goes on the birth certificate based upon her word, that’s why you get a DNA test FIRST and hopefully, you know Bryan’s last name so when the hospital fills out the cert you can state who the father is and have them put it on the certificate. If he “doesn’t want to be responsible for a kid” as he said, and she want the kid/herself to have a cushy life, she can just oppose the child getting a DNA test to allow you to disprove paternity. Eventually she’ll lose, but it’ll take time and aggravation you can avoid by doing it now, before she names you.

  3. This is HORRIBLE advice , nobody can put fathers name on birth certificate unless the alleged father actually does it himself . The nurses can’t put anybody else’s name as that’s also against the rules , if you are not sure who the father is LEAVE IT BLANK ! Get a DNA test and when the results come back , THEN you put the alleged fathers name .

  4. You’re making shit up in your fevered brain that I never said, pretending I said it, and then trashing this fantasy advice you invented and pulled straight out of your ass as “bad advice”. I never told him to put his name on it, nor did I say any nurse would do it, you’re out of your mind and need to learn reading comprehension. Rethink your life choices; take a reading comprehension course.

  5. Narrator: “in this scene, The Ukrainian Ford F-150 Bonk-tor has detected serious nonsense and will launch a full compliment of NAFO BONK16-B missiles…”

  6. I’m sorry you’re going through this. First, let me say some men are so averse to death that they cannot face it, he’s also probably afraid that his memories of her will be replaced by another image, but what he doesn’t realize is, that in this case…he will never be the same and he will never forgive himself if he doesn’t see his eldest daughter before she passes. Worse than that, she will pass with awful thoughts of what her father must feel about her. If there’s a power called “black magic”, making a child pass with those thoughts are as close to a curse on him as he can experience. Even if she’s not angry at him, that energy follows the guy who “built” it…I don’t know what he believes in but you’d do good to tell him that he will curse the rest of his days with the darkness of refusing to see the girl.

  7. Tranny mount. Possibly also motor mount, a broken or compromised motor mount can allow enough play for acceleration to break the tranny mount. It also could be an odd problem like the bolt for the mounts stripped and suddenly loosened, you really have the support the car so it can’t roll, on a flat surface, VERY solidly, and visually observe the mounts. You also might need a bottle Jack to raise the motor/tranny a bit to see which mount is giving way. If you can’t raise the car very securely, have a shop to the diagnostic cuz u can’t fix it if you’re in a hospital or dead: BE CAREFUL…and good luck to you 👍

  8. I heard that his daughter came out to him and the mom a while ago, and now she attempted suicide. They’re responsible for the way she’s treated as an lgbt+ child in a Texas that he sets the tone for, so I pray for her in that family but he can go directly to fucking hell.

  9. Furthermore if full missile and military attacks emanate from Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk, into any area of Russia ‘proper’, There can be no reprisal against Ukraine because “it’s just Russia attacking Russia”…otherwise they have to admit those areas ARE UKRAINE. And always have been.

  10. The sexiest car dodge ever made right there. Early 70s dodge challenger. WANT SO BADLY

  11. Agreed. The Chargers were us s’posed to be that, but they failed miserably compared to the Challenger.

  12. I feel like both are pretty brutal tbh. And this is coming from a US Marine.

  13. If one of these munitions happened above any Russian city, nukes would be forthcoming. So why TF is anyone on earth opposed to Ukraine sending at least some suicide drones back to Russia or some guided munitions to air bases or ships?

  14. Lopez seriously considered the offer.

  15. This. OP if she’s playing these kind of games with a dog, that wasn’t hers to begin with, imagine what she’ll do if you two have kids together and the relationship goes sideways.

  16. Since you were kind enough to call her a “terrible person” instead of an evil, petty, vindictive, hateful, soulless, twisted cee-u-next-Thursday, I must commend you for your restraint but register my opinion that it’s unimaginable understatement. I also must ask OP why he is anywhere near such a person, much less sleeping in the same bed as her?

  17. I guess I am not sure what that looks like. An close, this is an 87.

  18. Ok, here is a pic from one that was on EBay but isn’t any longer, but the one I have is as new looking as any you can find, it was taken off the car after we bought it new, and say in the garage so it’s perfect, and it’s the same color as yours. Let me know if this link show the pic

  19. Cool, yeah I wish I’d put it in the car when I sold it, it’s just a dust catcher now lol.

  20. From the Wiki page of Dina Boluarte, which was clicked to from the “President of Peru” page here

  21. No, Aztec slander, will be accepted here

  22. Almost like Russia is doing a false flag as justification for an escalation because if things go how they’re going now the only choice Moscow has is

  23. Some legislation cant be fillibustered but CAN be blocked if a single Dem defects. It would be better to have 52 since then Manchin and Sinema wouldnt be able to block things. But 51 still means that BOTH manchin and sinema have to block something, if you can negotiate one of them down now then you can get things passed. And 2024 is going to be a bad senate map for dems(lots of dems in red/purple states are up for re-election with very few similarly vulnerable republicans) so having 1 more seat could decide control of the senate if it is close.

  24. Even if they did both block, that leaves a tie and the VP can break a tie. Isn’t that right?

  25. No that would be 49-51 and would kill the bill. With 51 seats only one of Manchin or Sinema can block and still pass but not both. But there is a way to outmaneuver this, if leadership can convince both of them to vote present instead of outright blocking the bill it would be split 49-49 and the bill can still be passed due to a tiebreaker.

  26. Starting a war with a neighboring country at that

  27. “We are worried of the expanding border of NATO country, therefore the only logical thing to do is attack the one non NATO country between Russia and the NATO alliance, this is only way!” Pours 5th double shot of vodka and slams it

  28. Right, but the reporting in the media was that only the employees were willing to take down the U.S. economy to get what they wanted. So were the corporations. But they're sure not getting even close to 50% of the blame or the lambasting.

  29. This is just more proof that there’s never been a “left leaning mainstream media”…I guarantee you none of the ceos or owners of any of the mainstream media companies have done anything for “the left” and never would, it’s just that the rightwing media attacks them for not being rightwing also…the only favor they do for media as a whole is make the rightwing media look what it is: a mouthpiece that’s complicit and symbiotic with rightwing parties at the direction of activists trying to use it to push America to the right by continuous suggestion and projection to their audience.

  30. Myth: the corporations that own the railroads were willing to put the U.S. economy at risk to avoid providing their workers a few unpaid sick days.

  31. ALL OF THIS AND REPEAT AND REPEAT AND REPEAT… ALSO: The railroad owners were willing to shut down America’s economy to avoid a few paid sick days BUT ALSO because the Dems senate majority is too small, to pass the sick days alone thy’d have needed a supermajority, the republicans filibustered the amended bill with the sick days, and the rail owners had already spoken with them to make sure they’d do just that.

  32. That dude is arguing in bad faith. He's parroting right wing propaganda that Hunter and the Trump crime family are more or less the same.

  33. Yeah I don’t know he might actually be ignorant and believe that crap he spouted.

  34. No one is really the ignorant. It is bad faith all the way down

  35. No one’s going to help you = someone better stand in between us so I can pretend that’s why I don’t have the balls to follow through with my word

  36. I don’t know why he didn’t just start counting down the 30 seconds. Just be like “Ok, look at his watch and stand there “30, 29, 28…” Double check with him say “30’seconds? Not 15 or 45 seconds but 30, I got this right?…ok 27, 26…”

  37. The vast majority of American adults are watching TikToks right now.

  38. Tiktok did not exist in 2001 when this occurred. Brains weren’t fried then as they are now. They had plenty of warning. If they chose to ignore it and the people who told them about it, that’s their problem.

  39. I believe Snowden sacrificed the majority of his adult life to ensure that the America he grew up in became aware of how things have changed. I believe he hoped to wake the sleep walkers.

  40. I cannot imagine any adult person who was alive and read news to NOT know what happened after 9/11 with our laws, the conservatives that called all us “anti patriot act lIb’RuLz” traitors are just now pulling their heads out of their asses trying to close the barn door after they opened it, let the horses run away and shot any of the horses who tried to get back in”. Frankly, those cocksuckers deserve the shock they’re pretending to just now get from the powers the federal government took with that law, in 2001, while they trashed the people trying to stop it happening. Fuck them. They either KNEW or SHOULD’VE known, now they’re clutching their pearls? They can firmly plant their lips back on Bush’s posterior and suck it up.

  41. Assange worked with that American. He didn't just receive the documents, as though that changes anything. If you receive stolen items, items you know to be stolen, your actions are illegal, even if you weren't the one to steal the items.

  42. Assange’s actions endured the entire time he was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy and included conspiring with Russian FSB operatives in the hacking and release of DNC emails in an attempt to bring down the U.S. government from within, so whether he was a citizen or not he is, or was, acting as an agent of a foreign hostile government (Russia) performing espionage acts against the United States and he did it while on Ecuadorian international property. And if you think they don’t have proof of this you’re very naive and don’t understand how the internet works, they managed to get a surveillance camera inside the embassy to prove what he was doing, and even Ecuador didn’t know what he was doing. As soon as they found out, they tossed his ass out. And I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts Ecuadorian officials will turn evidence over after how he stabbed them in the back.

  43. What the hell? Why would they say something like that?

  44. Because people have no idea how stupid they are, although in their defense if they knew, they’d stop being stupid.

  45. Is a little girl that much of a threat that she deserve excessive force?

  46. She used excessive force attacking cops: mutual combat but one side now has a reason to arrest and detain the person and as such has a mandate by law to use whatever force is necessary to accomplish that end. A mob is always a threat. Being a member of a mob increases the effectiveness of any single member. Don’t want none, don’t start none.

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