1. FBI is officially a demorats Affiliate. They now have 0 credibility.

  2. Well, at least now his rants about low flow toilets make more sense.

  3. The only time you should have zero air in your BCD is when your cylinder is near empty. Otherwise, further gas consumption or loss will make you positively buoyant.

  4. OW in 1992. Custom wetsuit right off the bat. AOW in early 1993. Got my first reg and BCD as a high school graduation gift from my parents early in 1994. First drysuit that year. Did Rescue Diver and DM shortly thereafter. Began technical diving in '95. Started SAR / public safety diving 1996. Sold all my gear in '98 to replace with proper stuff, and then began to acquire more gear to facilitate the technical diving.

  5. Is it ok to dive with 3 as opposed to multiples of 2 per the buddy system?

  6. Yes. Three man teams are commonplace, and actually superior to two man teams according to most studies of team efficacy and logistics. As soon as you have four people though, you should split into two teams of two.

  7. Diving from a boat, the boat should display international code flag Alpha, or the sport diver flag, or both, as well as the prescribed lights (and/or dayshapes) in the Collision Regulations for a vessel restricted in its ability to manouver.

  8. You can order USN MK5 reproductions from Desco, and standard diving dress from Viking.

  9. You will know GenX is in the room if you hear “Where’s the Beef” or if you hear “Sike”

  10. Environmental awareness includes tides, currents, weather / sea state, traffic, hazards, entry / egress routes, and possible changes to any of those. Consulting tide and current tables are always part of the dive planning process. Specific local knowledge can be a huge asset, and sounds like it is important in your specific area.

  11. Swimming technique is not important. Overall fitness and swimming endurance is. Diving is a team activity, and part of your responsibilities as a member of your dive team is to be able to render rescue assistance to a distressed buddy.

  12. My dad always told me when I was younger it was because in case people felt suicidal??

  13. Beating yourself to death with a book seems like it would be far less effective than just drowning yourself in the tub or something.

  14. Wavemaking resistance. At the surface, some of your propulsion energy is converted into the energy carried by your wake. When completely submerged deep enough to be clear of surface effects, form drag and skin friction drag are the only forces acting against you. Submarines work the same way - they travel far faster submerged than surfaced.

  15. The Peregrine does have a gauge mode, which is technically all you need for tech / trimix. It just wouldn't provide backup deco information in that instance.

  16. sure, but reaching dropped stages is also problematic. see the recent accident in mexico where the guy was literally an arm's length away from his dropped stage and still went OOG and drowned.

  17. Do you have a link to that story? LOG and almost made it? Or had an incident near a full safety?

  18. https://scubaboard.com/community/threads/qrss-report-on-diver-that-drowned-in-cenote-odyssey-tulum-mexico.623680/

  19. A lot of unanswered (unanswerable?) questions there. Probably irresponsible to speculate. I will say that it reads as though the gas plan should have appropriately been somewhat more conservative than it was. Beyond that? It's a strange one.

  20. From what I hear about Alberta, it's sort of the Texas of Canada.

  21. So the combination is 1 2 3 4 5 ?! That's the stupidest combination I ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

  22. Oh man mine too. We had this stereo system - you know the kind behind glass that you pushed in to open, each component was labeled with one of these bad boys.

  23. Seek medical care from a good specialist physician. Schizophrenia properly managed with a combination of medications and therapist support will empower you to deal appropriately with everything else in your life.

  24. Hey Farva! What's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

  25. The dominant peak in the area is Mount Jimmy Simpson, at 2960m. There is a secondary peak to the north at 2840m (near your red circle), which appears to be unnamed according to the NR Canada topographic map.

  26. I ordered a couple of the new Apeks lifeline spools from them, as I couldn't find them for sale anywhere domestically. Pricing as advertised, with some customs brokerage fees added as is typical for international shipments. Usually, these fees aren't unreasonable unless you ship with UPS. As it stands, however, the shipping took forever and their shipper's tracking functionality was next to useless. The package disappeared into the aether after a couple of initial updates. I think I finally received my order two months later with no tracking indication of any kind.

  27. It's not giving up on what you have learned. It is changing your standard operating procedures to keep breathing gas density and narcotic potential within new, more conservative limits. I certified to 160 on air way back in the day. I don't do that anymore, because the correct gas for that dive is 18/45. Now, those deeper dives are both safer and more enjoyable.

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