1. Yeah but seeing how dumb and clueless and hypocrite some of westerners are on Iran's situation just make my blood boil.

  2. They did not say anything about the Islamic regime, necessarily.

  3. Huge stretch to make it not what they meant. Just go look at the comments and post about Iran in commi and socialist subreddits.

  4. The CIA should work on a plan to dispose of the Iranian top leaders. Iran is helping Russia and is a threat to peace and safety of the USA, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries in the world.

  5. Bloodless revolutions happened quite frequently in the 1990s.

  6. Not happening in Iran. It's either direct intervention or nothing. Proxy wars always fail and unarmed people can't get passed crazy armed jihadists who are wishing to die for the regime.

  7. Unfortunately revolutions are becoming more and more difficult. Dictatorships have many more tools than ever to survey their populations, making it nearly impossible for dissidents to organize at the level needed for a successful revolution. I'm not even sure the last time a revolution was successful in a semi-developed country without the support of the military or direct foreign involvement, Romania 1989 maybe?

  8. this is a desperate propoganda attempt by the regime and they weren't even willing to actually do it to. They just lied to y'all.

  9. Sorry, you lost me at Afghanistan. I, for one, don’t want to see my country bombed with “collateral” drone hits of schools and weddings. If anyone is taking this strategy seriously, they are either delusional or not Iranian.

  10. Last time I checked there was already a revolution in motion. Stop undermining it with talks of military intervention. We don't want America's paws anywhere near our country and for the military-industrial complex to capitalize and take advantage of this situation.

  11. Can you tell me how unarmed revolutionaries gonna overthrow the regime? Please be realistic

  12. Bad joke. In all seriousness I question what about western intervention seems worthy of support to you? Based on what I have seen, the US will drone strike civilians, steal your natural resources and ally with terrorists and warlords before leaving your country so broken people will openly be selling slaves.

  13. I know it was satire but I'm still looking for the right sub for this discussion.

  14. This is not necessarily the wrong sub for your question. It’s just that anarchists are anti imperialist and opposed to the use of state violence.

  15. It was the wrong sub I guess. My post was removed without any explanation and I'm probably getting banned too lol

  16. Yep. It's real. This guy was my grandma's "marja'e taghlid". I read this in his book that my grandma had when I was 14.

  17. 1&2&3: I do believe the damage that this protests did to the regime is unrecoverable. And unpopular but I also do believe that foreign military help is 100% needed and the revolution won't succeed without it. My best hope is Israel. This is a one stone two bird situation for you guys for both helping the Iranians for liberation and the regimes nuclear threat. This will also make two countries two big allies which is super benifitial for both. I personally support Israel in the Palestinian and Israel situation but I also acknowledge the idf uses unnecessary violence sometimes.

  18. Unfortunately, I'm not proud of leftists and anti facists on the west at all. They deliberately ignore our request for support and our demands. They call the on the ground information that Iranians are literally dying to get out of the country cia propoganda. Only politicians that are making strong statements against the regime are right-wings. Frustrating to see.

  19. Scaring people off with the separation theories and rise of Isis like militas is the regimes biggest internal propoganda investment. Ethnocentric groups obviously exists but they won't have any power without the support of their people. A free and popular Iranian government will have the Iranians support all together.

  20. Do you want a mess like Syria or Libya? Because the more that different armed groups get involved, the more horrific the situation will get.

  21. The regime is killing unarmed people. This is like saying don't call the police in a hostage situation it's gonna escalate things. People need guns to defend themselves.

  22. This literally never worked, and the protestors don’t even have a coherent leadership yet which is like the bare minimum for a revolution

  23. It worked when France mandate Syria. But yes I agree the west is hypocritical af so I don’t trust them doing anything for Iranian people

  24. It's not about trust. I've never believed they do it for genuine human rights either. It's about shared interests (or shared enemy for this one). Regime is trying so hard to reach inter- continental missiles and nukes asap. It's gonna over for them if they do.

  25. No but I can probably differentiate by region of MENA. Not by country or ethnicity

  26. How can you tell the difference between an Egyptian and a Persian? Different regions.

  27. "a socialist Iran cannot come to fruition with the help of cia and mossad" I love how they picked what the future of Iranian people should be for themselves. It's mind blowing that these consipracy theory lunatics exist and the worst part is they think they're some red pilled out of the matrix genius that know about us better than us.

  28. Everyone deserves basic human rights and respect (unless you're a murderer lunatic working for the most barbaric regime on earth right now).

  29. Yes OP every woman in Iran is dying because the “evil regime” kills them. There’s no other way these women could have possibly died 🙄 provide evidence for your claims from a reliable source otherwise see yourself out of this subreddit.

  30. How can you demand reliable information and support one of the worst and most suprresive government in terms of freedom of information and journalism and the same time?

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