1. Yeah, me too. It's my ad blocker (through blockada) that blocks local ressources to load. It's non sense, I think they use it to hide ads loading.

  2. OK, now I understand why it seems so easy for some of you and not for others. These weapons make it so easy.

  3. maybe the „happi-nes“ from electron? o was it from plankton electronics?

  4. It look great too, too bad the 1st hapines is not available anymore. 99€ was the perfect price!

  5. It’s gotta be the Dirtywave M8 for these requirements

  6. Correct it if I'm wrong. Passkeys can't be shared, so, services accesses can no longer be shared, Netflix for example. Great for them...

  7. The few websites I tested it on, the situation is no different from forgetting your password. The service emails you a reset link, and then you add your new device's passkey to the account.

  8. So where is the security here? Any hackers just have to intercept and change the email to receive the reset link and create a new passkeye on his device. 🤔

  9. Put the instakill balls first so that they clear the path for the others

  10. Ben... Ca me choque pas qu'un citoyen français respecte, notamment en voyage officielle, la loi du pays qu'il visite.

  11. Oui et non... Si la tradition de tel pays c'est de battre les femmes, est-ce que les étrangers invités à le faire doivent le faire ? Non bien sûr. Dans ce cas, où tu places la limite ? Ce qui est acceptable pour certains ne l'est pas pour d'autres. A un moment, il faut savoir respecter ses propres convictions, diplomatie ou pas. Mais l'argent, c'est mieux que le respect apparemment.

  12. Nintendo France changed it and wrote it in the correct format in our trailer.

  13. I never felt any frustrations concerning weapons durability. There are weapons everywhere. And it's a good mechanic to make you think before attacking.

  14. Hello. Just want to talk without hurting anybody. From this side of the Atlantic, it's pretty hard to know. There's a lot a controversies these years about black people in movies and TV shows. Seeing from here and our population in Europe, they may be over-represented. But I had to think from an north American point of view. So, is anybody know the percentage of black people in the population compared to white people in the US? Black people are more in your country, I guess, I would like to know if they are well represented or not. Thank you

  15. I usually choose last round cards but I suppose I misclicked... The question is : did I lost them forever or will I find them again in the next turn?

  16. I just made it. Lot of chance of course. I was using octopus and turtle to recover hp. Butterfly to one more life. And dragon fang necklace to reset them.

  17. I used jungle boar with a magic crown. It's a guaranteed win since the boss blocks off any openings.

  18. What is a "boar" please? I change my in-game language, but there's nothing called boar.

  19. It’s the grass-type pet that looks like a pig

  20. The same, I got issue in some months ago, but only on Firefox. It was fixed by Mozilla. Bw always works well (oneplus phones).

  21. The 1st time. You start bw, everything is explained...

  22. Yes but, with or without it, ad buttons are visibles. Not here. Can you show?

  23. I've done this with two pairs of in-ear earphones connected to two volcas, and one earphone of each in each of my ears. I've also used a pair of earphones and a headphone (that lighter models, don't know its name) over them. I did this when I still hadn't a multichannel interface and some days I needed to sleep at a hospital, wanted to learn the Drum and the Modular, and also needed to be quiet.

  24. What about just give away your death sentences like the rest of world? Cheaper. Human.

  25. Yeah people don't seem to get that. Ruins runs off its own stats sheet to make sure new players still have half a chance

  26. Ho, I didn't notice that. So, I'm just really bad. Lol.

  27. To be able to switch, you should pass a the 1st levels . The lodge is not accessible at the beginning.

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