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  1. No matter brains things, etc, you are spending time with them, she's not. That's the important thing here, sharing anything with them is always better than letting them alone.

  2. Fear. I'm always afraid that something happen to them. When they are sick, it's hurting me so much. It's very surprising, I didn't expect to fell that way before having them.

  3. With the good equipment target the last one, and magic crown kill them all.

  4. The same, worst and worst ... Google, turn off the TV. I don't know this device... 😑

  5. Think at the belly button, strange to not see it. Lol

  6. I don't speak to it in English :) so that's not related.

  7. Hm OK, that's what I thought. I got 2 others hardware synth, with 5-din midi. I guess this is the best way to drive it.

  8. Get a smart plug, hook your tv to it. Now set a routine that will turn the plug off between certain hours. Other than that there is nothing else I can think of. Oh and never control that outlet by voice, your kids will pick it up in a cool minute.

  9. That's my configuration, tv is on a plug, the plug is controlled by voice via Google assistant or nest. But even with a routine, children may bypass it if they ask for it, don't they?

  10. Only if they know the name of the plug. Don't call it TV anything, don't have it in the "room" and never voice activate/deactivate.

  11. Well, she hear us, if I change the name, she will understand..

  12. I think it's a problem with A13. It's working fine for me

  13. I check on my girlfriend's phone, it's working fine...

  14. I don't know about others services. I tried mine, 1st track, never heard of it... So yeah, it's crap.

  15. You won't got enough time before the tears of the kingdom.

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