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  1. If you dissagree with a rage post just downvote and move on. Remember to read the rules of the sub and let people rage in peace. This is your first "real" warning even though we have deleted some of your comments in the past, next time is a temporary ban

  2. It seems like your Post wasn't set out for this subreddit. Please keep it rage only in this subreddit, it's what it is for. thank you.

  3. The more posts I see from this guy the more I'm convinced he's a flairless troll

  4. He is and little by little is closer to crossing the line

  5. Id rather have 10 fun characters and stages with good gameplay than 80 characters that play the same and 190 stages that suck and cant be played in

  6. I played against some Kuzuyas and that never happend

  7. I wish people would at least pay for 10g download, it’s like 30 a month and this is at the very least since I know a lot of people don’t care for lan adapters, I don’t like to say this because it’s kinda mean but seeing your connection struggling then deciding to play smash online is a bit selfish

  8. 10 gigabyte download, it’s pretty near the minimum for online playable smash with people in your region

  9. What, i have 500mb/s download and upload speed and it works perfectly, where tf are you going to get 10gb/s download speed??? In the NASA??

  10. Why not just sleep in underwear? I also hope your not sleeping in the same jeans you’ve been wearing all day long.

  11. Her bed must have tons of dirt and hobbo spit just by sitting on the public transport, literally a pig sleeping covered in shit

  12. stuff like that is capable of materializing a bed for me to sleep on

  13. I absolutely love the theory that Sakurai secretly has a vendetta against the annoying fan favorite inclusions he gets spammed with constantly on Twitter, so he deliberately goes out of his way to make them as toxic and annoying as possible to fight against.

  14. But that would be a vendetta to everyone else who DIDNT want the character, the ones who did and spammed him on twitter get to play the toxic dlc

  15. I think it really depends. Rather than taking reflectors away, more characters need tools to deal with projectiles. Not necessary reflectors, but something that makes characters like Samus think twice before throwing out a hundred missiles.

  16. In regular fighting games there are a lot of attacks that are invincible ONLY to projectiles, so imagine you shot a projectile at ganondorf and he does down b, he goes through the projectile and hits you

  17. Why does cargo throw of stage get so much hate?

  18. Because its basically like "break your 60 dolars controller mashing or lose your stock"

  19. Then i must have imagined all the other times Nintendo took a big fat shit on the smash competitive community while Sony didnt own EVO

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