1. i’m now Berdly listening to pink triangle and yeah- it fits.

  2. There’s no romance but god damn it has some of the best comedy and genuine world building i’ve seen in an isekai for ages. It’s a great series and I’d recommend it highly. Just… Don’t go in it looking actual romance

  3. whats the name of the series, does it have an anime adaptaion i can watch online?

  4. It’s the series above “My instant death ability is so overpowered, no one in this other world stands a chance against me.” It sounds like a trashy power fantasy but it very much takes the Saitama route of having an absurdly powerful MC and yet somehow not focusing on that strength at all. It doesn’t have an anime but it does have a manga adaptation that’s gotten decently far and is translated. There’s definitely a good chance it’ll receive an anime adaptation but who knows honestly.

  5. reminder that the knight in chess can also go 👆👆👈 or any other of the variants of directions and its probably purely coincidental that those specific directions in wingdings spell egg

  6. I am going to assume you are 12 based on how this is written. Someone interacting with girls doesn’t make them straight. Though I can see how you’d think that based on how little you seem to go outside.

  7. Like- A joke? Why is burgerpants above Kris 😭

  8. Kaminari, and go for an unwilling hero aspect with his character. He didn't want OFA, so he tries to keep it a secret/not use it - But as his class get's in more dangerous situations, he has no choice but to use it and paint a target on his back.

  9. Don’t think he’d be able to turn INTO electricity since his base quirk doesn’t let him do anything close to that but it would still be cool. Electric powers are always awesome.

  10. OK so hypothetically let’s say one day you woke up and you were purple, and it was really scary. And then you went out of your room and saw that everyone was purple. And then you turn on the news and you saw that everyone in the entire world became purple, and then you saw that it was because jerma cast a spell on stream that made everyone purple. If he did that, how would that affect your opinion of him, would you like him less? Would you be scared of him or not? Thank you

  11. Hmm… This is definitely a tough question. And certainly not an unreasonable one, knowing what we know about Jeremy’s proficiency with the dark arts.

  12. Yeah I was thinking he’d be able to stay up like 2 weeks before passing out. He’d have a natural ability to stay awake longer due to his quirk (like how people with fire quirks don’t burn themselves to death lol. unless you’re Dabi.) I phrased it wrong by saying natural since his ability to stay awake would come from his quirk

  13. It could be hand waved as working better for him since the people in MHA are way stronger than baseline humans.

  14. Yeah I suppose a job like that would be well suited to the quirk, but if I give it to Deku (which I’ve pretty much set myself up for) I feel as if he won’t give up on becoming hero, especially with a quirk that could hypothetically reach really high strengths.

  15. can’t a man have privacy without the press taking pictures of him without makeup on? genuinely ashamed that people expect celebrities to always look their best. And even in this pic he doesn’t look that bad. Like come on guys, really???

  16. I heard he’s in witness protection after “witnessing” a murder

  17. Toriel kills Undyne is so funny to me because not only is it there twice but it’s the most outlandish thing on the entire chart. Like even if I was high on several hallucinogens I would not conceive of that event even remotely occurring.

  18. Kaminari: I know you are SHOCKed to see me.

  19. this is something that I've always wondered about. Nedzu has a brain enhancement quirk, but is he extremely smart for a human or extremely smart for a bear/rat/whatever the fuck he is? because the latter makes him probably like, as smart as a normal guy

  20. the test with him fighting mina and kaminari showed he was able to do absurdly complex calculations within seconds. i have no clue why he isn’t shown more but that’s probably because if he was actually planning the war then it’d be over by now LOL.

  21. My suggestion is to visit baby name sites if you want authentic Japanese names.

  22. oh god i can’t imagine a whole family of them 😭

  23. This is cool but does it really matter? In his eyes it’s the same effect as just going back. Unless we actually saw those worlds or it came back to bite him in the ass in a major way then it might as well just be a revival quirk.

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