1. Rahul Gandhi should go to jail. But when he does, he should wear a Tshirt with that pic of Modi with Adani.

  2. Modi has always coined a term for himself ahead of each General Election. It always starts with C.

  3. It looks like they tried SQL injection and XSS, you can use blacklist to block them

  4. Thank you. Is there a way to know if they were successful at that?

  5. You can understand if they dump the database from inside the site or log in to your account. So you will know when there is a change on your site :D but if you keep the logs of the site, you can examine them and understand

  6. BJP does not need an "IT cell" anymore. The hate has percolated enough that the machine feeds itself.

  7. We've no plan to get separate as of now. But he is happy since he thinks, He'll get half of those assets.

  8. And he will because when your parents are gone and you want it in your name, all the family assets will be split equally. the only way legally you can get you share in your name is if you do it now

  9. Swiggy actually is aware of restaurants sending stale food to customers , they actually don't bother , coz they are in bed with these restaurants, it's just pure business for everyone

  10. Can you explain how? Why are they in bed with restaurants that serve bad food? How is better for their business then being tough about it and saving their brand reputation?

  11. Maybe paid news by the Pharma companies to increase their profits by making us take health checkups.

  12. You mean people are paid to die so we will do health checkups?

  13. Genuine question since I'm worried about this: I'm a skinny guy with normal bp, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  14. IMO, it is not the workout itself, but improper breathing techniques that cause issues like this. When you do intense workouts, it also means your body needs sufficient oxygen to burn calories. When you don't provide this, you are likely to put yourself in danger.

  15. I don't follow Cricket these days, but popped in here to check if someone remembered to mark 20 years of this historic match:

  16. Do you have any hairpin bends, or is just one straight road to the top? I think those two scenarios are different

  17. What's even worse is, the same people would use water to wash their hands, but paper to wipe the shit

  18. My American cousin once teased me for eating with hands since the smell from the hands is gross.

  19. You can't walk between buildings in Dubai. Even a 5 minute walk requires a car.

  20. One reason you don't marry young. Girls develop emotionally before boys do. At 23, perhaps you were both made for each other. But 7 years down the line, you have grown emotionally more mature, and your wife has probably peaked.

  21. Meaningless karma farming. Assuming people reading this think this is actually true, want to clarify that there is no law like this. Instead, this one comes off a viral picture from an airport where there is a notice board that reads along the lines of "don't eat carpet" but what they meant was "don't eat on the carpet" which probably someone did that the notice had to be put up

  22. The thing about the BBC is that it is not sponsored and has complete autonomy.

  23. How does that matter in the context of what Jaishankar said. He has accused BBC of 'timing' the documentary to hurt BJP's political chances. BBC is

  24. My post has got nothing to do with whatever heck BBC does or does not do. It was simply an exaggeration of the implication of what Jaishankar accused BBC of doing.

  25. What insider sources and news leakers? Nothing that the BBC have put out is something new that hasn't already been documented.

  26. You think this is about the stupid documentary?

  27. Doesn't have to be anything major and incriminating. All journalists have their "sources" - who give them information either bona fide, or in return for some favor.

  28. A lot of Indians (people from India) who grew up in America refer to themselves as South East Asians (definitely not Middle Eastern). Native Americans can be referred to as American-Indian or just American.

  29. It’s not the same as Pullingos exactly. Chapri is more of a casteist term, normally targeted at young folks who are generally from poorer background and who weren’t fated to get a good education. It should be avoided, but hey many folks here keep use it thinking they are somehow better than them so yeah. You would be better of avoiding people who keep calling others Chapri

  30. Especially since you were in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

  31. Credit where it is due. Zomato is the only company that sends me memes and newsletters in Tamil or Tanglish. Don't remember any other pan-Indian organization do that.

  32. As a kid, I was taught just - head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes.

  33. If running a business was so easy, you would have done it too. Do you know how much work goes into getting the basic permits to set up a restaurant or a cafe? My friend works in a startup - orders have basically halved since start of 2022. Yet, he is getting the same salary. Will a business owner enjoy the same luxury?

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