Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Lieselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san • Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

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  1. I guess it figures that if Sitri was going to contract with anyone it would have to come about through brainwashing...and in a way where he can then put Wisteria into a torturous mindscape to mess with her and make her choose between Marbas or Snow as Demon!Snow is killing her friends and she dies multiple times in a world out to get her. Can't someone give poor Wisteria a break?

  2. Oh man, Takemichi thought he fixed everything and somehow made the future worse. He really is the glue that holds Toman together. Looking like we’re going to get a reset in the final episode for the next arc.

  3. It's kind of funny in a sad way that Takemichi succeeding so well in the past lead to such a doomed future in the present.

  4. Easily the best episode of the season. I cried when they showed Hakkai and Chifuyu’s deaths.

  5. Both of them still believed in Takemichi and didn't resent Mikey until the bitter end...

  6. Amane said things to her that went FAR behind the rather anodyne "suki desu" -- things that were much more akin to the things that might be said in connection with a marriage proposal.

  7. True, just as much of a slow-burn as their relationship has been, it would've been nice to hear them lol.

  8. Mahiru: I'm about to do what is a called a pro gamer move

  9. Mahiru took "declaring your relationship to the whole class" on a whole 'nother level. Practically the whole school must know now lol.

  10. Poor girl never got to reunite with Dariel and got relegated to an ending credits cameo...I wish she had gotten more to do.

  11. It was funny to see Zebiantes tremble in fear watching Dariel being crushed by Malika

  12. That OP shot of her in fear as Malika's boobs approach was foreshadowing lol.

  13. So many full circle moments in this episode! Especially Liese coming in to give to Kobayashi and Endo what they gave her! Emotional support and the push to be with the one you love!

  14. When you use the wrong English name with your college senior! Linda seems set to be a good mentor to both Banri and Kouko.

  15. You could’ve come up with a better excuse for Challe’s absence than hiccups, Mithrill.

  16. I'm just trying to imagine Challe hiccupping lol.

  17. there supposed to be a rule to not make a cliffhanger ending without season 2 in production. before reading this post I was in rage

  18. I'm glad they didn't go into this thinking "yeah, this will be a great ending!"

  19. This was a really pleasant and enjoyable series from start to finish, with nice visuals, likeable characters, and great vibes and character designs.

  20. Since its debut on Netflix in 2019, the anime ULTRAMAN has gained high popularity not only in Japan but also among fans internationally. The series has been nominated for “Best Direction – TV/Media” at the 47th Annie Awards and won the “Best CG Award for TV and Streaming Programs – Animation” at the VFX-JAPAN Awards 2020. It has received high praise both in Japan and internationally, and its second season, which was released in 2022, also became a smash hit worldwide.

  21. Shinjiro's mom is not Akiko. His mother Yuriko is significantly younger than his dad Shin Hayata. They never intend for Shin and Akiko to ever be a couple, they do not have that kind of chemistry.

  22. With voice acting, I don't think it should be an issue what one's ancestry is. Sometimes it might be most appropriate to have a person of [Type of ancestry] voicing a character of the same or similar ancestry.

  23. Interesting, so the nobleman that has been with Rebecca this entire time was a fake, and they really were different than the one in the mask. I wasn't expecting in-fighting to break out between the bad guys before Ray arrived to save Rebecca.

  24. I think Rebecca definitely thought she was getting a kiss though lol.

  25. Well that was a spectacle of a finale. Does that ending suggest we’re getting a season two?! Overall it was a good show with a very positive, powerful, charming and dense at the same time protagonist. I would watch another season to get more character development and world building.

  26. Light Novel adaptions teasing new characters and plots for a second season (or for audiences to read the novels). Name a better duo lol.

  27. Hideki Go taught me what it meant to be human as an Ultraman.

  28. The judges rapidly pressing the point buttons when the girls kissed had me rolling.

  29. Girl-on-girl was popular even back in the 80's lol.

  30. We gotta wait till 2024 for more urusei yatsura??? Mannn. Finale pretty much defined the show. A collection of wacky but loveable characters who just get up to stupid shit every week 😂 bikini wrestling match was the most random thing ever but it just works in this show.

  31. I never expected David Productions to go so hard on an Urusei Yatsura remake, but they really knocked it out of the park on all levels, animation, direction, and casting-wise. And it was a really fun watch!

  32. I hope most people's college experience didn't involve getting kidnapped by a cult!

  33. Some sensible and solid selection of titles and dubs this season with a wide variety of genres and major shows getting dubbed!

  34. Which anime in the list is a Villainous one?

  35. Seems the Admiral’s men are finally realizing he’s fucking insane. Took ‘em long enough. Him and his mech are out of control.

  36. It was a nice way to end a solid show before we get the movie and they wrapped up all the major bits and gave us some really satisfying moments! The only thing I would've wanted more of is KainaxRiriha but hopefully we get that in the movie.

  37. Felt more like a finale than I was expecting, that laser cutter was STRONG, was waiting for him to max it out but wasn't expecting that!

  38. I thought it would just be a precise, pinpoint, laser not a giant frikkin' laser cannon. Though it shot the Builder but good lol.

  39. When the female lead continually gets your name wrong...not the best way to start a relationship, but she's improving!

  40. Her looks, her voice, her reactions, her punches are so great. There is absolute black body in physics, and here we have

  41. I never get enough of Rieri's hysterical yelling lol.

  42. 100/10 Tomo chan episode my Lord we feasted today. Thought they’d save the confession for the finale, now we’ll get a full episode of post confession antics. So proud of Jun for being direct about his feelings.

  43. Can't wait to see these two as an actual couple!

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