1. Is there a lore reason why Batman never stops the Van Der Linde Gang?

  2. And if Trump doesn’t get reelected in 2024 I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s gonna stay that way, lmao.

  3. I forgot what happened in the second, wasn’t he basically sentenced to death via rancor?

  4. Imagine their surprise when they die and get to meet Voidman (the man in the void).

  5. Yes, but it’s very, VERY rare. Maybe like 10 people in all human history.

  6. Makes me want to do a backflip, snap the bad guy’s neck and save the day.

  7. “Master Bruce, I do truly believe that you have become the Origin of Arkham. Need I say you and Master Dick are the Arkham Origins.”

  8. Two of these are just dudes that wear feminine clothing, how is that not fully gay? Unless traps are trans girls.

  9. Fortnite battles pass… I just shit, out my ass

  10. I would’ve said no but you included greed. A world without greed sounds like paradise, and would likely negate most negative outcomes of doing this otherwise.

  11. Okay okay, hear me out here. Asylum has the best atmosphere, City has the best story, Origins has the best boss fights, and Knight has the best gameplay.

  12. Maybe not have them make me get attached to the main characters face only to change it.

  13. Hello ElderQu. Killer Cock giving you too much trouble in the Asylum?

  14. Were you ment to say "Killer Croc"? Because if so, then I've got some bad news for you sorry......

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