1. Reports came out that when he came out of retirement she was pissed and took the kids and left. When he missed time during training camp the rumor was he left to talk with Giselle.

  2. Supposedly she’s the one who leaked Tom’s retirement to schefter too. I’d actually believe that tbh

  3. higher ratings than the nba finals and great local ratings, but people think this sport is dying

  4. The nba is huge globally though, especially in China. They don’t need a big American audience

  5. You can get good about your RBs (I do too with Mixon, Fournette, and Dillon) but the point he's making is that RBs are scoring a disproportionately lower amount of points compared to other positions.

  6. This was pretty clear last year to not go RB this year. No idea why people insisted on taking so many RBs over Kupp for example.

  7. I think your sentiment may be correct short term, but long terms players are just becoming more and more skilled in the passing game where they can execute "indefensible" plays, which can't really be done in the running game while steroid usage is monitored

  8. Also, players are tackling lower causing way more injuries to RBs. This is why they’re always getting hurt, or part of it.

  9. Ehhhh. They have a bunch of B level guys (except for Rhamondre. I think he’s elite and better than Dame but Dame is good too) but you need an A level guy to be able to win consistently in todays NFL.

  10. We need to just sign the next big name WR that’s available in FA

  11. It’s so frustrating watching this offense the last few years. We desperately need some big play makers. Stating the obvious but still

  12. Win or lose Zappe has looked awesome so far. There’s going to be a QB controversy if he continues to look good

  13. Tied game. 4th Quarter. Bailey Zappe. What the fuck is today lol

  14. Traded Terry for pierce straight up in dynasty before the season and got shit on…feels good.

  15. I really want to hear what happened in the writers room for Dominion.

  16. The first Jurassic world was good imo. Idk wtf they were smoking with the next two. Dinosaur auction in a mansion. I mean….come on, the average person could write a more interesting story

  17. Your comment makes it sound like you’re implying the coaching staff got Mac hurt lol. They have no choice but to put Hoyer in. It’s not their fault

  18. Except that one guy who has Saquon, CEH, Jrob and Cordarelle after getting Diggs in the first and waddle in the 3rd lmao

  19. Yes. I'd draft him #1 and I'd still draft him #1 if the draft was today

  20. I’m from Boston and whenever me and my partner drive through St. Paul I always coo about how I love the way it looks there and it feels more like home. And then my boyfriend (he prefers living in Minneapolis) will rant about how of course I love it there, the stupid winding roads don’t make any sense just like Massachusetts. I don’t miss the East coast though. Everytime I visit home I want to rip my hair out. My quality of life is so much better here!

  21. St Paul and Stillwater remind me a lot of New England. Roads here weren’t designed from the 1700s, which is also nice lol

  22. I swear to god, if I lose my pension because some tory fuckwits wanted to own the libs with their bullshit ideology, my twilight years will be devoted to making the fuckers suffer however I can.

  23. Why have the tories been in power so long? It seems like they’ve been running the UK for a long time? Is the Labour Party any good?

  24. Kwasi K and Truss have in a week destroyed fhe Economy, almost destroyed the country, lowered living standards and unbelieveably made us even more of an international laughing stock.

  25. Why have the Tories been in power so long? Is the Labour Party any good in the UK?

  26. In regards to Goff, he was given 5 years of playing before they shipped him out to Detroit. Mac has 1 year. He has time to develop. The team should focus on developing him with a solid Corp of guys in a stable system. If he still puts up mediocre numbers, cool. But we're 4 years from knowing that if we want to compare him to Goff.

  27. Goff at least had teams with stacked offensive players and Mac doesn’t have that. I really wish Bill would hire a real offensive coordinator and get him some real WRs. The bills went out and got allen diggs and phins got tua tyreek. We need to do the same, even if it means we have to open the checkbook to make it happen

  28. Fr let’s go get Will Anderson or Smith-Njigba

  29. Lol as if Bill would draft him. He’d trade the first pick away if he could

  30. You have to wonder if someone made the stories go away. I can remember the headlines when they were dating that said she was a gold digger who was only after the throne. Additionally they constantly said she was trying to trap William into marriage, that she was controlling and wouldn’t let him go anywhere without her, etc. Nude photos of her were also taken on their honeymoon and appeared in various media outlets. Poor Megan is getting the same shit, just with racism added on.

  31. It's not that difficult to be rejected by the royals. Kate is the only one who's been well received in quite a while.

  32. I think running backs may officially be worth less than top end receivers.

  33. Cmc owner and RB/RB/RB for the last few years. Went WR/WR this year and I’m 3-0 sitting really well. I’ll be doing this going forward

  34. How did you go wr/wr and have CMC

  35. Meghan talked about her personal experiences with racism and bullying within the royal family, so it kind of sounds like they weren’t trying to have anything to do with her before that either.

  36. They threw her under the bus when they wanted her to accept racist behavior from people around her AND let the press gleefully roast her at every moment, making her the perpetual bad guy.

  37. Do we know 100% for sure that there were royals being racist towards her? There’s no proof of that either.

  38. Surprised I had to scroll so far down for this. Military + GIBill = free pass to adulthood, assuming you don't get shot, maimed, or PTSD'd along the way.

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