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  1. Curious, what sort of phone are you using? Maybe it's a Samsung or android specific emoji?

  2. Does anyone else try to race the person next to them when they go to drop off their containers for change recycling?

  3. Maybe it's the crowd at your drop off station, the one in Enoggera everyone moves at speed, even the old ladies. I go there on a weekend too. Max I wait is 20 min

  4. You ever find yourself craving chips and gravy at 2am but you don't even have the ingredients to make it yourself?

  5. Is it the weather, coz last night was the first night in years I woke up at 1 am to eat something

  6. Yeah, ever since the payment cut I count every cent. Have walked an hour home rather than take the bus. It was life changing to get the COVID benefit. It wasn't a lifestyle benefit. Which suburb are you based? I have food, I was given heaps and I'm only one person. If I can get to you I can drop some things off

  7. ACAB. Any that arent will quickly be bullied until they resign.

  8. Yeah that police officer who didn't delete the footage lost their job. She should have been promoted and replaced the other two.

  9. Should never have got this far if they had integrity and breathalyser’d him in the first place…. What did they think calling backup would do? Indemnify them?

  10. Why can't she ask for backup? She was put in a sticky situation, this guy flashes his badge back at her and she doesn't know how much trouble this guy was going to cause her, that's a good reason to ask for help. He'd have the same training as her. The drunk guy wasn't coordinating with her because he coerces, she doesn't bow to this behaviour and seeks more authority figures because he acts like he had just as much, or more authority than her by flicking the badge. Having a more senior authority come to backup should have put this dunce in his place. Unfortunately, her backup failed her.

  11. Wow great service this place offers if their staff are always under the pump, more interested in hitting numbers than helping people get assigned suitable employment.

  12. Last time I found a lost wallet I googled the nearest police station and dropped it off there. Maybe try that.

  13. Is there anywhere you can get flowers at 1am? Airport woolies? Anything else?

  14. Been tested three times since COVID. I needed a bus at two points, so chucked a mask on and went to Mater for the first one, RBWH for the second. Almost nobody on the bus, I went at off peak. If you're sick you're going there at off peak anyway, you're sick so you should be home from need to hop a crowded bus

  15. Yeah you try to find a place by looking for its sign. But instead it's just ads for delivery apps, perfume, and festivals from a couple years ago

  16. I think the QR head office in Brisbane CBD is as brutalist as you can get. If you get a shot of it at the end of the day with no office people you may capture what you're after

  17. If you think about the thousands of different coin out there what's the point of having so many, each having individual uses. In the end it has to settle for a handful, imagine going to do one thing on a site and it only accepts a niche coin you have to go buy. Only the loudest coins will survive. If it's doge tough biscuits.

  18. Ban is not until September 1. Can't come soon enough. Look up National Plastics Ban plan 2021.

  19. Lunch tomorrow with husband's (separated) parents who are both up here to welcome husband's brother's baby. Ground rules laid: any pressure from anyone for hubs and I to have a baby ("give [new baby] a cousin!") and I retain the right to tell them to get fucked and leave. The baby fever in that family is insane and I've been warding off this bullshit for years, I just wish I'd be treated as a human with my own ambitions rather than a just a womb to produce grandchildren. Let's hope it doesn't go that way though

  20. I think if you serve them your second last sentence, it'd be a pretty wicked slam dunk.

  21. They look mildly friendly with the yellow flower but when those seed heads come through, an audible sigh.

  22. On the plus side, if you pull the plants out while they’re young, the leaves are edible and surprisingly tasty. Use like baby spinach or rocket.

  23. Do they taste similar to spinach or rocket? Or something different? I pull them out when I can but this would encourage me to do it more regularly until all the seeds still living in the soil are gone. I like spinach and rocket but am a fussy toddler about weird tasting plants.

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