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  1. Sleepytime made me bawl my eyes out. Tbf I had recently lost my mother to cancer but when Bingo said she was a big girl and could do sleep on her own it felt like a message to me directly. Even though I'm male.

  2. Ugly crying. Straight up ugly crying. My daughter thought it was hilarious and cannot understand why dad doesn't wanna watch it all the time.

  3. My son loves watching Baby race because of baby Bluey crashing into the skeleton in the doctors office. I love watching Baby race because it's a damn good cry.

  4. "Some babies bum shuffle before they walk."

  5. Listened to an interview with Greg Norman when he was first trying to sell LIV. He said that he didn’t even watch golf. Lol. So even the pros can’t stand it. Sure, he may have been trying to frame it as LIV being more exciting, and perhaps the structure of those games are. But the point that many pros don’t watch their own game is both funny and unsurprising.

  6. The whole point of golf is to play as little of it as possible. So that tracks.

  7. Had that conversation tonight with my brother. This is the best time to be a wrestling fan. MNW Era be damned. There is a promotion and group of wrestlers to fill every niche and satiate every want. And outside of WWE, they'll all work together.

  8. Sting recording with a camera from the year he and Flair first wrestled

  9. What, the man doesn't see the need to upgrade from the original iphone.

  10. This is such an anomaly of a show. Make it a yearly thing. Non-canon, all US promotions, just a showcase of who's who in wrestling right now.

  11. The old school set with JCP plastered everywhere was gold. I'd kill for this to be a yearly event.

  12. He didn't die which is about the best thing you can say about this whole thing.

  13. I thought long and hard on my drive home about my feelings towards Lethal, JJ, and Andrade. And I came down on the side of, all three of those guys should be commended and thanked profusely. Ric was going to have another match. Ric was going to go down the list of wrestlers and promoters until he eventually found some shit birds that were willing to do it without giving two shits about him or his health. In that universe, some bingo hall watched Ric Flair convulse to death. Tonight, if a few stars align, Ric Flair is going to go to sleep in a hospital bed and wake up tomorrow morning. A few doctors and his family are going to tell him they will commit his ass if he gets within a mile of a wrestling ring again. Taker is likely going to tell him he will personally kill anyone that gets in the ring with him. But Ric Flair will get to live for a bit longer. Because those three guys understood what the alternative was.

  14. It’s good for your heart—it’ll make it work harder.

  15. Richards, more internal and external damage! Flair was/is an athelete and The Nature Boy!


  17. It's in there. You need to login locally and use Developer Tools in Chrome to see the API calls.

  18. That’s like 7 hours each way to the Bay Area. Just driving and a 8 hour day is 22 hours so you have 2 hours sleep? How is that possible?

  19. Maybe they catch flights from Crater Lake to SF? I've heard of folks living in Vegas and flying to and from work daily in the Bay Area. I'd imagine a couple hours driving and another couple flying is worth it to some folks if flights are cheap enough.

  20. To clarify I don't mean doing it in 97/98. I agree that focusing more on Eddie than the NWO in 97 would have been stupid. I'm talking more about the post-NWO era. 99 specifically is the year they needed to have some more new blood at the top of the card because they were getting diminishing returns with the old guys.

  21. People shit on WCW, but they had some great matches on nitro with the Luchadors

  22. Pre-2000 WCW Nitro had the absolute best wrestling on TV at the time. And it was all the cruiserweights and luchadors doing. They went out there and stole the show weekly.

  23. I mean. That's her job. She is the pre-rinse cycle.

  24. If this HOV case goes to one possible absurd end, i.e. that the mother's body is not classified as an "approved child seat," it will mean that pregnant people will be legally barred from operating or riding in any motorized transport where carseats are mandated. This will effectively ban them from working, unless they work out of their homes. It will also ban them from going anywhere they cannot get to on foot.

  25. That's exactly what's going to happen. Better still, that goes hand in hand with opening more rural voting locations and closing more of them in population centers. Don't like the abortion ban? Vote them out! Except now, you can't mail in vote, and you have to walk three miles to the nearest ballot box with the other quarter million people for your district. Also, if you get caught driving, that's a felony offense. No more voting rights for you. And it takes hours to vote. In the heat. And no one can give you water. And you can't leave or you won't be able to vote.

  26. Very tempting, but not buying any more older games "new" from GS anymore after what happened with the recent Tokyo Mirage Sessions deal. Both my copies arrived completely unsealed with obvious used markings on the case and game cart itself. Can't trust GameStop anymore, good for price matching though. Unfortunately, it's not in stock at Target to do so.

  27. I decided to give Akiba's Trip a try when it hit $20 a couple months ago. Bought new. It arrives with the box open, some of the stuff missing in the CE and the cartridge is in a sleeve with the label "NEW" on it. I marched it to the store where the employee said I couldn't return it since it was opened and the case was missing, but when I showed him the "NEW" label on the sleeve, he got a defeated look on his face and went, "Why would they do that?"

  28. Sooo I lead my audience in the chant when I saw it this evening. Everyone was delighted to see him.

  29. Ha! He popped up and someone started that up in my theater, too.

  30. I'm gonna just play bingo with it so I can stop reading sooner.

  31. Forgetting a lot. Your mind just becomes pre-occupied with depressing thoughts, or might even be empty. You don't have space to remember the things people tell you anymore.

  32. The original vaccine is still good though. It obviously does bupkis for infection, but has primed our immune systems to deal with omicron. Most vaccinated people who catch it say it was like a cold, because that’s essentially what the vaccines have done for us. So I wouldn’t go writing it off yet.

  33. I managed to avoid it til last month. Had a scratchy throat on a Saturday afternoon, woke up with a sore throat and cough on Sunday morning. Felt okay on Monday. Lost my sense of taste and smell on Tuesday. Slept all day Wednesday. Fine after that other than my smell/taste is still a wee bit off here a few weeks later and I'll still randomly get a bit tired for no reason.

  34. She is awake and is not chewing on anything. She can't be a heeler. :P

  35. I tested positive for Covid and was only entitled to 5 days unless I get a doctors note. I put in a full day on the 6th day (still positive btw) and wasn’t feeling great on the 7th. They wouldn’t let me take off unless I had a doctors note, and wouldn’t pay me for the work I put in on the 6th day until I produced a note.

  36. Not getting paid for work performed is illegal basically everywhere. If you have documentation of them saying they weren't gonna pay you after you put a day's work in, nail them to the wall over it.

  37. When she came out she looked like she was going to cry, so I wasn't surprised when she won.

  38. Yep. We all said the same thing. Oh shit, she's crying. They just told her she's winning.

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