1. Well, you have to tell us your timezone as well. I think it releases in the middle of the night, pacific time.

  2. Where do I get that ray tracing mod? Or are you just joking?

  3. like this? it's the markup button with the reddit logo on the list page

  4. Can you help me? I can't make it look like that at all. It appears as regular text and not a table.

  5. Yes you will be fine. Assuming it's a very small piece, for example a piece about less than a quarter of a penny, It will go straight through without being digested and will come out the next time you poop after it goes through.

  6. I noticed that they fixed the inaccessible stretch of road in Elko as well!

  7. Aw man! I thought I was gonna be the first one to post the update!

  8. those laptop versions are not that good for 4k. a 2060 laptop will not cut 4k. You will need to get a 2080 ti or a 3070 ti desktop version (Not laptop) or better for 4k 60 fps in this game. And in other games. So yeah, you'll need that to run 4k. And don't choose amd. The amd drivers are very bad in my experience.

  9. Get a second hand G27. Has all them buttons and controls on the shifter console.

  10. Sorry to interrupt, but are you the one that has that sprunk addict youtube channel?

  11. I'll end this with saying that the game does not use multi cores the way you think it does. Thats something SCS has been speaking of bringing to the table in the future, but are yet to. The reason it lags even without traffic is because the Prism engine is junk. The people that claim it doesnt lag have such poor setups and are so used to lag that they cant even tell. Which is quite funny.

  12. No, in my experience, it barely changes the fps. only a few less than before.

  13. I hope. Because I'm not gonna pay $11.99 for washington dc!

  14. I though that would take up way more space for a wheel. So I just ordered a new desk that would be bigger and I find this post. Oh well. I'll still use my new desk anyways.

  15. I think it's the scaling. 300% is 3 times what ultrawide 1080p is, so the makes it a really high resolution technically. And if your processor was a kf instead of an f, you could overclock it a little bit and that would help. higher speeds are good for a single core even when you consider these 2 games. And the hdd is a thing too, but I really think it's the scaling. Sure, it may make stuff look better and your nvidia thing might recommend it, but you should turn the scaling to 150% or 125% or even lower but not below 100%. because 300% is too much. because it is trying to make it look 3 times better than the 100% scaling mark. Which you know what that means, 3 times the intensity. So try my advice, and you will see it works. so try it out, and you'll notice. Once you notice, you can just forget about moving anything anywhere else unless you want to get that last bit of extra performance.

  16. A 3050? perfect! an excellent choice for low budget.

  17. Are you trying to make him choose the disgusting amd gpus instead of nvidia? amd has terrible gpu drivers. And no one wants broken or terrible drivers, do they? nvidia has way better drivers. Is 270$ worth it when all you're getting is a gpu with the most terrible drivers invented?

  18. Yeah. But next time, replace the alienware desktop with the AOC desktop, or switch to alienware monitor.(Joking obviously)

  19. Wrong. There are no seatbelt things in this game.

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