1. You know I never tried it. But I'm shopping this week and will give it a shot with some fresh veggies.

  2. Welcome to the club, I have an 06 with the same lights. Mine is a O2 sensor code that I have been chasing from sensor to sensor. Replace one and it goes away then comes back. Have one more to replace so it may go away then. But just like the others said, go to AutoZone or an O’Reillys and they can hook up the scanner for free and then once you have the code, it’ll tell you what it is. Good luck!

  3. Bamboozled? Not sure how you can get bamboozled on a free vehicle.

  4. Always do a taste test on those jalapenos, might end up blowing your mind if you aren't careful. I made that mistake on a few pounds recently.

  5. As a warmup I like to use the ARA targets. KYL after that.

  6. For me, it's wingstop. It definitely has to do with them being the only convenient location for wings around me, otherwise I'm driving 20+ minutes.

  7. They make home deep fryers that filter the oil. And you can always use that Japanese fry away powder to solidify the oil and throw it away in the trash bin.

  8. Even if you find one that's not working, you can always send it back to Dillon for service.

  9. What is that mount you have your reloading press on?

  10. Someone tell me what kits I should get for reloading 45-70 cause holy fuck ammo costs I have no idea what I’m doing reloading

  11. Kits aren't really the way to go. You'll more than likely end up replacing most of the items that come in the kit. For 45-70 I'd recommend you get a single stage press like a RCBS rock chucker, powder measure with stand, beam scale, reloading dies, a priming tool, 45-70 dies, case lube and a manual. Read the first portion of the manual several times before you even think about loading a round. It's honestly not for everyone, but there is a fair amount of satisfaction that comes with the ability to produce your own ammo. You've picked a poor time to get into it though. Primers are still outrageously overpriced.

  12. If reloading 45-70, primers will still be cheap relative to the round.

  13. For straight walled cartridges I would generally agree with you. Without knowing if they have a local shop that they could procure powder and projectiles from, I just wanted to give a heads up that the Hazmat charges can make start up cost prohibitively expensive. Check out

  14. Do you want a car do you want a project? Because it sounds like you want a car and that 4Runner is definitely a project.

  15. Not entirely true. I got my 4th gen from my mom who got every recommended and scheduled maintenance at the dealership. Fuel door just failed to open one day. Just my 2 cents

  16. Depends on where I'm hiking. Maryland enacts no open burning bans depending on the conditions. When permitted I'll bring my firebox and try and whip something up, especially if I'm able to fish.

  17. I miss the habanero Doritos. They need to make a comeback.

  18. The days of paper manuals are numbered. Easier to update an app or website, and no publishing headaches.

  19. I have manuals dating back to the early 20th century. A lot of cool info that adjust can't be found anywhere else.

  20. Cant wait to try it. Gonna cook up some tasty treats to pair it with.

  21. The second film didn't have the same allure as the first. More action less slow build. Still a great film.

  22. Another fest that's been ruined. I hope everyone has a good time, but damn it was nice before it hit the mainstream.

  23. Wait I buy many uppers from them. Why am I just now learning they make pistol barrels. I’m in the wrong sub for realz

  24. I was just kidding, but they do make a nice threaded G17 barrel.

  25. I just picked up a bottle from my local grocery store last week. Great flavor, very heat forward.

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