1. It's not really that much of a fall from Scream 5, especially with the larger OW.

  2. The post title has them as pretty much identical (72.6% vs 72.3%), I thought. I dunno, I didn't take that as being that big of a drop.

  3. Well we have different definitions of good news than.

  4. This is part of the 250 million dollars deal with JJ Abrahams made some years ago right? He was supposed to make some stuff for DC as well

  5. I thought Zaslav pulled out of that deal for how slow he was moving.

  6. I seriously wonder if it's a person. Because they all look to be wearing the same attire as in another clip where they are carrying someone strung up on a stick:

  7. Look closely they are wearing different clothing.

  8. Haven't done the math but looks to be 108M/325M.

  9. -At the end of the episode, let it finish I like to watch til the end. No clock.

  10. Billions 1883 Yellowjackets Fringe The Wire The Sopranos

  11. I can't recall anyone ever selling The Batman would get 1 bil worldwide. I can't possibly say it "bombed."

  12. I think your definition of bombs and underperformers is skewed. Just because a film fails to reach a billion doesn't mean bomb or underperformer. If no movie in that series cracked a billion yet you can't set the barrier at 1B.

  13. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 will be fine. You know what Paramount should've moved? Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The March 31 date has it surrounded by John Wick: Chapter 4 and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. If I were Paramount, I would've delayed D&D to April 21, but it’s too late at this point.

  14. We're three weeks away. It's definitely too late. Maybe if it was a month or two away, possibly.

  15. HBO's "halcyon days" — they're still producing some of the best shows out there, year in, year out

  16. Paramount+ w/Showtime is winning that battle.

  17. 306M, is that right. Not a blockbuster in anyway.

  18. I’ve seen people theorize that it could maybe be Javi or Jackie! I personally think this person might be the first kill

  19. Has anyone being paying attention to the treads.

  20. Because it was a standalone film based on a historical tragedy and not a space epic that was kicking off a franchise.

  21. We likely won’t see another film enter that top 10 ever again. Sad really.

  22. Quite a few shows like this: Scorpion, Bones, Zoo and Manifest. Pretty good but just short of greatness.

  23. Could be just that the movie hasn’t been announced.

  24. Come on lol. It sold like 100 million tickets worldwide. The park never had a fraction of that as visitors.

  25. If people want to see a runtime is not a factor unless it would be 4+ hours.

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