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A serial killer is being praised by the gop and it's followers

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  1. And even if they somehow didn't, it was his job to do so. It's his club, his meal, his home - and you're telling me he doesn't even ask who people are before sitting down to eat with them?

  2. Meanwhile he claims Mar a Lago is safe enough for him to store classified documents he stole

  3. Still worth it. We shouldn't negotiate with domestic terrorists. Protests require permits or the cops will help resolve it.

  4. I think it'd be funnier if we just stood near these guys and fake coughed *small dick*

  5. A seriously troubled man with political aspirations and not really a billionaire. Uhhhh Donald….

  6. The Pot reminding the world the kettle is Black, everyone

  7. WTF does him being black have to do with anything

  8. Apparently Trump finds it necessary to remind people that Kanye West is Black O_o

  9. Florida is definitely the basement of America

  10. Rump knew exactly who he was meeting with. That's his base and he knows it

  11. It's a shame a lot of people overlooked his role in Brokeback Mountain, and that movie in general. All because of "gay cowboys HAHAHA" attitude.

  12. The worst part is, they never feel like fucking idiots afterwords. They're constantly wrong! And continue with the bs.

  13. Because it “feels” right to them and they want to believe it. You see it on

  14. The fact that Supreme Court made this decision without noted dissenting votes is astonishing. Considering he appointed some of those judges.

  15. The day after he announces he's running in 2024? I think the GOP establishment is turning on him.

  16. Yeah that's thing, many times there are no viable alternatives. Yes we are part of a society that runs primarily on fossil fuels. That's the problem. What is she supposed to do, just not eat?

  17. If she fasted against climate change they would just call her crazy instead of hypocrite.

  18. They hate her on a personal level. Like, that's why their anger is so strong. They truly see her, people like her, us talking about her, as the "enemy."

  19. It’s not stupidity, necessarily, it’s a weak mind, very open to being brainwashed.

  20. I would say people who are emotionally vulnerable are the ones who fall into that trap. People turn to church and other weird cult shit when they need therapy.

  21. I've said it before and I'll say it again: 'Karen' is a gender-neutral term.

  22. I've heard about 'Kyle' or 'Keith' as male alternatives to 'Karen' and that's cool too. I just think calling them all Karens is funnier lol

  23. I use Kyle in situations where I think it could be a burn against super douche racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse

  24. All Hunter Biden needs to do to get these Republicans off his back is…kill some people with a gun.

  25. You just need to get a super king bed. Still sharing a bed but there's a gulf between you.

  26. I have a king size bed and somehow my cat takes up 2/3 of it

  27. It is absolutely false that Obama admin was separating children from parents and guardians. The only children migrants who were held under Obama admin were teens who crossed the border without a parent or guardian, and it was not in the “thousands” as with child separations under Trump.

  28. Shouldn’t this be considered impeachable behavior? I guess it wouldn’t matter now until 2024, anyways. 😕😕

  29. They attack Hunter Biden who tried to solve world hunger while idolizing a douche bag who murdered two innocent people and got away with it.

  30. they also idolize donald trump who is a rapist and putin who is a fascist strongman. they are sick in the head

  31. Glad Feinstein declined; Murray is 72 and over 20 years younger.

  32. Lol Christians need more believers (slaves) and come after the children of those they see as vulnerable. All it takes is one backwards glance at history to see the context, and that what they want to do isn't new. They take your kids, do god knows what to them, and hand them back to you "civilized," (assaulted/tortured). It'll start with Native American children, then hispanic children, black children, and eventually white children. These people cannot be trusted.

  33. Amy Comet Barrett is literally involved in a fringe religious sect and she adopts children of color. Just saying.

  34. Nobody said “nonwhite parent or no parent”…if there are too few people of color adopting wouldn’t you want people of color who want to adopt to join the front of the line? As we all know there is no limit to number of children available for adoption.

  35. Bicycles are far too woke for the Orange one anyway - he would only be interested in a god-fearing, manly, straight-cycle, none of this 'bi' nonsense!!

  36. I would pay money to see Trump on a unicycle

  37. Reason Number 1 this lawsuit will fail is because he claims the federal government conspired to have him banned from Twitter...when he was in control of the federal government as President.

  38. Why should a crime be punished more harshly because racism was the motivation? Normally I agree the GOP is racist, but to me it just seems like they are leveling the playing field again. As a white business owner, how is it fair, how is it not racist, to give my government contracts to someone else just because of their skin color?

  39. Uhhh because we have decided that our Constitution protects individuals from unfair treatment based on race, and yes, that includes in the context of BEING MURDERED.

  40. overpopulation isn't about humans taking up too much physical space...

  41. Funny thing is he’s the only one of the top billionaires who straight up has had no hand in creating or inventing anything he sells

  42. The fact that Elon took the original tweet as an insult proves Elon doesn't actually know much about the Internet.

  43. They do want to start a civil war over "wokeness"

  44. How much of congress would they need to recognize the fake electors for this plan to work?

  45. The plan was for Pence to choose the slate of fake electors, and their theory was it would force the issue to the courts, where the stacked SCOTUS could ultimately rule in Trump/Pence's favor. The backup plan if SCOTUS didn't rule in their favor was that enough Rs in Congress would flip to Trump's side to somehow magically force a new election.

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