1. Hello, I'm not sure if I have RSD or not and if people have the same experience as me.

  2. The setup and tweaking the settings, getting comfortable with renpy takes a long time. But the more you do, the more things are already done and you can get down to the story. I'm at 6 months and just done 5 min of story, you seem to have done a lot with the UI and design !

  3. Thank you, it's nice to know that I'm at a decent speed

  4. Take your time :-) Maybe in the year you could have nice ideas and come back to your project. Or take time during a month to just do one specific thing. So follow your flow, and what's done is done your work pays off 👏

  5. I'll definitely keep working on it, I'm just gonna have to take breaks cause you know what happens otherwise... The most painful part is the art (especially backgrounds).

  6. I loved it, and I agree with more visible textbuttons but i saw that you already fixed it. I just have one tip, maybe you can put a line in textbox down the namebox. Or change the color or use outlines in names. Congrast for making a game good luck and good work so far.

  7. I don't know how to change specifically the name color but I'll look into it! Thanks

  8. Go in screen.rpy in line 151, you can use ctrl+g and type 151. In this style everything that you add will reflect in name, but this is just the names. For change font, you can put a new line font "name from you font" and outlines and everything that you want change in just name. Good luck

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