1. Again but how do you actually know it's teens instead of adults. You say because it's common but where are you getting that information. To me it sounds like you are saying this.

  2. Ah, the people just casually mention their age in their bios or publicly

  3. Well if they aren't mentioning their age, why would you assume they are teens outside of the circular logic that if something is "childish" it is being done by a child. Also let's use TikTok. I've seen many creators highlight some truly awful sexual things said to them. Because so many people make content you can actually see the person who made the comment. Many times it's an adult.

  4. It's an assumption normally and assumptions are usually built off personally experience so why most people assume children are being childish is bexause they've likely experienced something similar or WERE something similar

  5. Just work out and be more healthy Nothing is more masculine than a healthy man

  6. Also losing your virginity doesn't really matter, the guy depicted as giga chad in those memes is a virgin and he seems to be idolised

  7. The sale happens on July 2-4th in 2018 so if you want to collect them all legitimately you should probably set your date to a few months before, like around January 1st 2018

  8. I know how to do the date glitch and have lucky coins to spend Are there any special steps to go to the class sales or am I missing something?

  9. Well depends if you want the class Upgrade sale, or the Premium class sale.

  10. And people thinking that Power is afraid of Makima!

  11. OH THIS IS SURVIVAL Well no worries just pay attention if you pass along a lush caves to get clay from them for terracota and try and get flowers while exploring shouldn't be hard to get these materials if you keep exploring :D

  12. Yeah, stripgame a sort of thing where when an art reaches a goal of rt/likes the artists draws the same character stripped of a specific garment which can either be a community choice or the artists choice

  13. Idk but I for sure can tell you there are animals that kill and use corpses as fleshlights Otters and dolphins are 2 that come to mind

  14. Noelle's elemental burst deals geo damge so husk is better.

  15. On top of that she can benefit from C4 shield dmg which can deal insane dmg

  16. I would if the rest of my artifacts + weapon cover crit rate and dmg well enough

  17. Very solid and balanced The crit stats overall could use a slight increase though, though now all you're missing is C6 (and gorou if you don't have em) and you'll be ready to sweep the floor clean

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