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  1. The statements about a Ukrainian counterattack on Kherson were part of an 'information and psychological operation', Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the head of Vladimir Zelensky's office, says. Holdup. Does this mean the counter-offensive will not taken place? Or does this mean they just delay it?

  2. Be careful, this subreddit will call it a fake video, hide it before they see it

  3. Do you have the link to the original video?

  4. Hopefully someone with enough knowledge can tell what vehicle this is.

  5. They tried and failed not once but 3 times.

  6. This is sadly all there is.

  7. Again, color me confused, is this footage of a Russian lancet drone being taken out by a kamikaze drone or the reverse?

  8. The Lancet drone is a suicidal drone. It is throwing itself into the Ukrainian checkpoint. There is another drone recording it and based on the horrible video quality, it could be an Orlan drone.

  9. There's a longer video, but I don't know if posting it is within sub rules.. Looks like the guy might've lost the lower portion of one leg. He gets carried off on another guy's shoulders.

  10. I posted the longer video and it got removed without reason. Do you know what the reason might be?

  11. Yes. Is the title of video not correct? Or there is something wrong with it?

  12. The word below can be translate as:

  13. The DPR Deputy Minister of Information Bezsonov says that AFU hit the prison in Yelenovka with a HIMARS missile. That's where Ukrainian POWs from Azovstal are held. He says 40 dead, 130 wounded so far

  14. It seems that there are chenchen soldiers inserting into Gostomel along side the vdv. This video was shared by Hussein Mezhidov, one of the chenchen leader

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