1. Outstanding, I applaud this kind of behaviour.

  2. Over here in Singapore there is almost zero growth, the dividends on local stocks are literally pennies and paid only like twice a year. Fuck that. I'd gladly pay 30% taxes to Uncle Sam for higher yields.

  3. The US can never default if they can just print money indefinitely. Alan Greenspan said so

  4. At an auction I bought a redeemable old China railroad bond issued in the 1920s. I paid a good high price because it was never cashed out and design is unique. There was a US court case that the Chinese need to payback. Not long ago Donald Trump approached Chairman Xi asked him to payback the court verdict. I

  5. Different govt back then. Since China was under the KMT, he could try approaching Taiwan for a payout....maybe.

  6. If we complain about it, we're homophobic. If we complain about the Middle East, we're

  7. I don’t really see this as a dichotomy. A lot of homophobic people in western countries are islamophobic as well. In the specific case, if you are homophobic and islamophobic in your everyday life but you appreciate Middle East people when they show an homophobic behavior for religious reasons, well…in that case you are even an hypocrite.

  8. How many western countries make homosexuality illegal to the point of jail and executions?

  9. Stay in school and save money. Jesus H Christ dis shorty tryin to run before he can walk.

  10. Don’t you find it suspicious that lots of subs on Reddit all astroturf Vanguard funds and when you opened up the fund holding websites, you found the portfolio construction is just sketchy and they are just full of garbage stocks ? Also since they are weighted by cap, literally the top 100 holdings control the entire index movement anyway.

  11. Yes. Time to sell SCHD now for a loss and buy VOO when it's gone up 10%.

  12. Good luck with the future. Soon the only visitors to singapore will be cecas and other assorted 3rd world trash.

  13. Read the book 'Bad Blood' by John Carreyrou. Holmes is literally a psychopath.

  14. Zero reason to believe BAC is going to turn around soon. I had my parents sell at the bottom. It's likely to waterfall down. I sold at the top in my trading account. They are more conservative than I but still got a good return. I got 1000% from my BAC trade.

  15. I'll tell you how badly it goes. You get a split roight down da middle. One faction calling for Mork the other for Gork and both accusing the other of heresy because there is only one true Gork (or Mork). You then get the Gork (or Mork) Heresy - the biggest civil war in all of Orkdom.

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