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  1. This debate is almost exclusively about women wanting the same pay as their male peers doing the same profession. I don’t know what OP or Bill Burr are talking about, although I give Burr the benefit of doubt because this only one random citation from a stand up program.

  2. I don’t need any guesses, I know it.

  3. It’s not that weird, especially considering that most yanks watching the WC have no clue about European football but it’s still funny from an non-Yank perspective.

  4. I need a football comparison for NFL teams.

  5. He literally chose the worst time to see Ronaldo in Manchester.

  6. Ich kauf nur Taschenbücher. Sie sind billiger, leichter zu handhaben und ich persönlich finde gebundene Bücher auch einfach hässlich.

  7. I‘m reading every day. It’s my most time consuming hobby in the week. I also have an hour of commute time a day which I also use to read.

  8. I dunno, I feel like Murphy really comes into her own in Summer Knight when she chainsaws that guy but the best female characters after her are mostly in later books correct.

  9. I have only read the first four books. So, I don’t know how it will play out in Grave Peril but it sounds like a red con. I also had the same interpretation as the previous commenter and I didn’t see any clues for a hidden romance.

  10. Lol, you are right. I completely forgot about that part.

  11. Kids on TikTok (not really fanbase tbf)

  12. I also think that it is unreasonable to ask them to not participate but this would definitely send a message.

  13. Yet he will still play in the WC, would be more honest if he says he will not, due to the location.

  14. It would be powerful statement but I can understand that this is a once in a lifetime experience for many players and that they can’t just skip it. It’s unfair to expect this from players when most of us won’t even boycott the WC which is so much easier to do than not participating in it.

  15. They dialed up the wokeness to 11, there is no recovering from that. Can't they see what happened to the other shows? Why.

  16. Really?? That’s your main complaint about the season?

  17. I think it depends. They are both definitely villains but I could see the writers to find a way to redeem them.

  18. I don’t see the GOAT in your list.

  19. This is the epitome of just generic manager quotes. I know I can just scroll past it but I don't really see how this quote in particular is worth sharing.

  20. Is there any player who is so bad that you can just ignore?

  21. Island of a Thousand Mirrors von Nayomi Munaweera.

  22. It starts with us was disappointing. Not enough tension…

  23. I‘m not a big fan of the genre, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  24. It’s a good show but I also wouldn’t compare it to the early seasons of GoT. I’d rank Hot D at the same level as GoT season 5,6.

  25. This is the first time I realise other people don't use this gesture lol

  26. You're thinking about it too deep. Just sit down and numb your mind with the content like the rest of us.

  27. That's not really the reason why I watch this show. I didn't have to numb down in the previous seasons to enjoy it that's why it is so annoying here.

  28. Wie schaffst du dich solange zu konzentrieren, wenn du am Wochenende 8h am Tag spielst?

  29. Ich benutzte Discord schon bevor es cool war... aber abgekürzt habe ich es gefühlt noch nie gelesen. Danke für die Erläuterung .

  30. Bei mir im Freundeskreis nennen wir es „Disi“.

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