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  1. I assume the joke is that commenter couldn’t get kids if he has 2 prosthetic balls.

  2. thank you but i don’t understand, i didn’t skip any move

  3. You went for the 2nd hold with your right hand while your left foot was still on the ground, so yeah you did skip the first move.

  4. My big question is why is there a separate womens league in e-sports? Regular sports I can understand, but last I checked having a dick doesn’t make you a better gamer.

  5. As I have commented in another thread;

  6. Ah yes, because everyone knows that bio men are just naturally better at ROCKET LEAGUE™️ then women. It’s simple biology /s

  7. They are. It is what it is.

  8. Read about so many crypto exploits lately I thought the headline said 2.8B

  9. nw2 says:

    That looks like v0-v1. Still good send

  10. That’s what he said… 4+ is a V0 OP did a good job, but the way he started it makes it not really count (doesn’t really matter that much but I assume he’s posting to get feedback) Left foot was still on the ground when doing first move (even jumped a little from the ground)

  11. Je hebt gelijk, ik verwijder de comment.

  12. Ongezond eten is meestal goedkoper dan gezond eten. Het is niet altijd een keuze denk ik.

  13. Zwans niet. Ne zak rijst van 2 kilo in de Colruyt: €1,85 1 grote portie is dus €0,09 200 gram kip: €1,80 Portie prei: €0,26 Portie broccoli: €0,23 Portie courgette: €0,24 Totaal: €2,62

  14. They crush and eat bones of much bigger animals than humans so I wouldn’t necessarily put too much stock in those numbers, they can bite multiple times after all

  15. Bones of alive/just deceased animals? Or bones of carcasses? Because decomposition substantially decreases bone strength.

  16. It takes a long time for bone to decompose. By then there won't be any meat left so yeah full bone strength.

  17. Bones dry out before they decompose, making them more brittle.

  18. Wie buiten gepensioneerde en babyboomers heeft er nog cash? Laatste keer dat ik cash gebruikt heb is een jaar geleden...

  19. Zwartwerkers bestaan in quasi elke leeftijdsgroep. Ah, en mensen die drugs kopen gebruiken ook meestal cash ;)

  20. Has nothing to do with your age my man. It’s simply calories in, calories out. These people that “can mainline fat trough their veins and stay skinny, and suddenly get fat at age 40-50” are simply living a different lifestyle than they did in their 20s. It doesn’t even have to be a radical change, mind you. For example; You become less active, and burn on average about 100kcal/day less than you used to do. You’re older and sport less intensive, or have less time due to kids, whatever. Your diet doesn’t change, or gets a little worse. 100kcal/day is 700kcal/week. 11 weeks of this = gain 1 kilo of fat. 1 year of this = almost 5 kilo’s of fat. Keep it up for 5 years and you have gained 25 kilo’s. Simple math, simple explanation. But people just keep telling themselves “I used to be be able to break the laws of thermodynamics, but now I can’t anymore”. Stop kidding yourselves. You eat/drink more, or you’re less active than you used to be. It’s that simple

  21. This is the best data mosh I have ever seen, and it’s not even on

  22. Wouldn't that slow rotation down since more mass at the equator should in theory, increase drag?

  23. Not because of drag, but yes they would be slower in theory. (Look at a figure skater for example. They open their arms while they spin, they go slow. They close their arms, they go faster.)

  24. I read your comment like a milisecond before looking up and the "ambulance" appearing, I nearly chocked

  25. Small hands is an advantage for small crimps, it -might- be a disadvantage on some slopers.

  26. You can pick 3 arcana’s each games. One at the start of the run, one at minute 11 and one at minute 21. The first one you can choose comes up before the game starts. The other 2 you get from a chest, dropped from a bat that spawned at aforementioned minutes. They only last for the game. You can unlock more arcana’s by doing certain challenges.

  27. I love my family but it’s just me and my family lol and I’m so tired lol and I’m not even going on my own way to work and I’m so sorry I just went out and I just went out of the house and all my family is here and I’m not going on this anymore I don’t know why I’m so sorry lol

  28. Thunderfoot has a hard on for shitting on early tech and prototypes, saying it won't ever work because there are issues with the current state.

  29. Well and the thing is, the early tech and “prototypes” he shits on, never make it further than that stage. He’s right about them. Please show me a product that thunderfoot shat on, but turned out to be a great product that does as promised later on?

  30. They claim in the video that he's a maxed HCIM?

  31. You order them, and *then* ask for reviews?

  32. I don’t understand the hype. Call me old fashioned but I like my car to have buttons instead of a big touch screen.

  33. Good quality buttons and knobs are way more expensive than a touchscreen. So they pretend to be futuristic, by slapping a cheap big ass touchscreen on the dashboard, in stead of designing a quality dashboard. It’s win win for the company.

  34. A carabiner key ring nothing says half arsed gift for a climber like a carabiner key ring.

  35. Or a variant: A micro nut key hanger. Bought this for myself and my gf. Bonus point if you have a rock-looking key hanger in your house with cracks that fit the nuts

  36. Als ge ziet wat al dat groen gedoe kost. Ik heb mij oud huis gekocht ( kapotte ramen, verzakkingen, tocht snikheet slechte electric, asbest van boven tot onder. Ik heb er mij bij neergelegd. Wil niet gans mijn leven werken voor baksteen. Maar ik moet wel geen huur meer betalen. Wel al vriendin gehad die het uitmaakte omdat ze meer wou.

  37. Een keuken voor 60K? In den Ikea hebt ge er een deftige voor 2K

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