BBLGATE PART 2 (the best I could organize for an update currently. I’m going to organize all the screenshots I have this weekend)

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  1. Update: I talked to my doc about trying meds and studied today for the first time with Adderall. I'm floored. I studied for 5 hrs today with minimal distraction. I'm in my 30s and legitimately did not believe it was possible for me to maintain more than 2 hrs of studying in a day. I worried it would be hugely noticeable or I'd be hyped up, but I'm actually just calm. I wanted to tell y'all right away, but I was able to turn my attention back and keep studying.

  2. I feel like meditation has helped me a lot with focus especially during periods of burnout where the last thing I can or want to focus on is mcat

  3. This is true. I know meditation and cardio exercise are usually the 2 things I need most.

  4. Real question on a shit post. Anyone know if having significant ties but not being a current resident to one of those states still helps? Lived in Alaska for a bit and am pretty serious about potentially moving back and curious if that would make it worth applying.

  5. Its a little ironic that all these schools still put plenty of value on you based on these "elitist criteria" like test scores and the reputation of your undergrad and then want brownie points for being so progressive as to drop USNWR.

  6. How are test scores elitist? They’re like the least elitist aspect of the medical process

  7. I mean, I am not trying to make an argument on if they are or aren't. I put air quotes because I'm undecided. My point is just they're being hypocritical disavowing USNWR based on these things when they value them highly in admissions.

  8. I actually have a bit of sympathy for the “good friend”. BBL seems like a full on raging BPD narcissist. I’ve had to deal with a family member like that in my life and the last thing you want to do is deal with their rampage, as it’s emotionally and verbally violent.

  9. I agree that BBL seems abusive but wish we didnt have to bring BPD into it. We don't know if BBL has a mental disorder or not but people with BPD are real people suffering a lot and saying every jerk on the internet has BPD hurts us.

  10. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m going from my experience of a family member who has BPD and a good helping of narcissism.

  11. Thank you. And I'm sorry about what you've dealt with with your family member! There's a lot of different presentations of the disorder and ppl can always have co-occuring diagnoses. There's just a lot of us out here who are really empathetic and doing our best to treat our loved ones well and its rough sometimes going online and thinking like, "wow people on the internet really think I'm a monster."

  12. The thing about using a LDS is that when you need it serviced you know local folks that will help with that brand/ item. I do reg/bcd stuff at an LDS and then for less likely to need servicing accessories (wetsuits, fins, weight belt) I've found used on ebay.

  13. It'll be 10 or 11? A race to the finish line of life isn't very fun.... we all know whats at the end. Whatever time you need to reduce stress and fullly live your life is the time you should take.

  14. Extreme attention seeking is not a bipolar diagnostic criteria nor is narcisism (

  15. So diagnostic criteria are the symptoms someone has to have to have that diagnosis. So Im not sure where else you get the fact that it is a main symptom.

  16. I don’t think any MD school has an MD letter requirement, but maybe that’s just the 40 schools I applied to.

  17. Yup. This is a DO requirement only. And I believe still a soft "strongly recommended" one.

  18. As it doesn’t involve patient interaction, it’s nonclinical.

  19. This. It doesnt need to be "patient care" just patient interaction. I walk patients to their rooms and bring them blankets and talk to them at a hospital and thats clinical. Talking to the patients to comfort them or bringing them things they need is clinical but if they are keeping you separate from the patients its not.

  20. Don't do it before biochem if you can at all avoid. You need biochem.

  21. Heh. That seems reasonable. I do kind of feel out of place given that most other folks around here who are non-trad are younger than 30.

  22. Us 30+ nontrads definitely exist here! Hi! That said I'm backing SDN for this too because more of the advice comes from adcoms and so I trust it more for complicated situations.

  23. May be a bit more effort than you're looking for as it's very competitive and currently requires you volunteer 100hrs before shadowing (iffy on whether this requirement will stick in future semesters) but Cedars Sinai has a really amazing shadowing and mentorship program. You're assigned a mentor and/or team of mentors in a specialty for a semester and then also have weekly talks by physicians in different specialties. It's free and accepts both undergrads and non-trads. I did it and loved it if you have questions.

  24. I believe from speaking with admissions folks that clinical hours can be volunteer or paid, so I don't believe you have to have unpaid clinical if you have plenty of paid clinical. That said you definitely need more non-clinical volunteer, and maybe some more shadowing if you can. What do you mean by non trad by the way? You say you're a junior in college...

  25. I am 27 y/o and went back to college at 24 after being in a different career for 8 years.

  26. I have a very big leg/ankle tat that covers well. It's mostly covered 99% of the time. I would just rather not deal with that moment when I can tell what's going through their head and not have to talk/think about a bad period in my life when I'm not prepared for it. Now instead of awkward moments I'm getting constant complements on this beautiful piece of art. I held off until I was sure I would not be self harming again, so to me it is a really special sign of how far I've come.

  27. Will add though. Given the size and locale can you just wear a wide banded watch? I also have a small wrist tattoo (not for the same reason) and I just make sure I wear a big watch over it in professional contexts.

  28. Take a practice FL from a test prep company and use the score to scare them about how bad you will do if you go in unprepared :shrug:

  29. I've been here unfortunately. The red flag for me is how grandiose his promises are. I was promised connections, a job, the dream scenario in a former field. The problem is, when it inevitably continues to escalate you will not only lose all these ties anyways but you will feel even more emotionally shaken.

  30. Drop some ECs and take a gap year or two later. Deficiencies in ECs can be fixed in a gap year but GPA will be more time consuming (but not impossible) to fix if you take a lot of credits and continue to get these grades. Slow down and find new study strategies that work for you now while you still have so much time ahead.

  31. Hospital volunteering as long as you interact directly with patients (ER for me). Mental health tech at a hospital, rehab or treatment center.

  32. As a general rule I'd say if you're doing social science and humanities classes well, they arent necessarily less work, but they are harder to completely bomb. Failing grades aren't common as long as you do the work. Mediocre grades are very possible and the reading load can be intense in upper divs. A person with great writing skills can fake it most of the time.

  33. I will say though my undergrad was at a very elite public institution and i got 3.86 in a social science major and minor, but my personal life was a total shit show. Post bacc is at a kind of mid tier private school and got a 4.0 but I worked hard for it.

  34. University of Nevada Reno if you complete the postbacc with 3.5 and get at least a 500 MCAT...

  35. sGPA is higher but really just because all my science is in my postbacc and I'm in a much better place/have my shit together much more than I did in undergrad. :joy:

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