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  1. And I don’t get the Esme and Spencer crowd. Don’t see an iota of chemistry between them, unless you consider the potential for evil = chemistry, then they would have a boat load.

  2. Way down the road. Sprina has to happen to have a love triangle

  3. Well I think Spencer has feelings for Trina. It would make for drama if he develops feelings for Esme. We can see him struggle and the ladies duke it out without Esme going full psycho lol

  4. Got the purina calm probiotic because my dog was a chronic butt muncher - vet recommended it saying it was likely stress colitis. He was also having the same bile issues in the morning as well and were trying new things to ease this.

  5. It's both sides and your one side is the enemy thinking is what's hurting us. Dems and repubs don't give a shit about us. Until we blame them both they win. They need eachother so they can pin us against eachother and that's what they want. When was the last time either side did something real that benefited us and not them?

  6. I don't think it's so bad. If Esme really does have amnesia, they can bond as people who love Ace

  7. Have you ever been chased by one? They can be vicious

  8. I feel like Sasha didn’t get one because SM is pregnant and they’re not ready to reveal it yet.

  9. The food with salmon is the key. Adding yogurt helps. Glad you figured it out

  10. Or a food without chicken. Chicken is one of the major allergens for dogs. I recently noticed that some dog food makers have caught on and are printing 'poultry free' on the bags.

  11. You don't save rescue dogs. Rescue dogs save you. 🙂🙂

  12. Spencer could afford to buy Esme a little bungalow

  13. Spencer is infuriating. End of sentence.

  14. I think that the plans available to employers are widely varied. And employers will get the cheapest and worst coverage for employees. I had way more problems when I was covered by my employer

  15. Which states have you lived in that were worse? I had a thought to get a pap last Friday. I had it Tuesday — brand new patient and all. That wouldn’t happen in NM.

  16. Wisconsin. I worked my entire life as a nurse. So, from the perspective of a consumer or an employee, it was inhumane. Now that I have Medicare, it is more affordable. I have not had problems here getting appointments with PCP or specialist Maybe it's pure luck

  17. Grass is a frivolous concept. Ground cover is a way better option

  18. This thread is about Gardening, which by definition is "The laying out and cultivation of gardens; garden-work; horticulture" so embracing plants that bring beauty and benefit is part of that work.

  19. Actually, thinking about it, I may prefer ground ivy to grass.

  20. Exactly. And I'm just saying mine.

  21. Dude. You said your way, I'm saying mine. As said, I'm not invalidating you. That's on you if you keep taking it that way even after I made it clear.

  22. Perfect. Girls are getting their periods at the age of 8

  23. It seems that if you got the first two vaccines, nobody is requiring boosters

  24. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Coal looks just like my Jake

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