1. The ice towel trick to break up a fight (put a freezing cold rolled up towel on the back of someone’s neck)

  2. what ep what’s that? haven’t seen it before

  3. here i’m trying to get a breast reduction trying to look like your before lol

  4. i have such a hard time fitting into tops and dresses without “showing too much”. like tops like

  5. That the trash situation will become better. It’s insane how other cities like Madrid have no issues with trash or smell but when you get to such a rich city like NYC it’s insane

  6. no. freshman year i went i summer school for chem and lowkey thought my life was over. i’ve received a couple more f and ds, never failed another class tho, and i got to my dream four year college. had friends with gpa 2.8 uw also do it. all you need is good extracurriculars and high sats

  7. it’s not selfish since she’s not making anyone stay in the room with her or having someone go out alone

  8. that’s not the question lol, she obviously is ok with clubbing in general just isn’t feeling well

  9. I have so many questions! Where did he go and who is watching him, is he just wandering around the mansion 😭😂

  10. Most of it doesn't taste great for me, and a lot of it will end up feeling like a rock in my stomach (i have some digestive issues and ultra processed foods always fuck me up)

  11. sweet greens in my “healthy” fast food lol. usually one bowl last me two meals so it’s not that bad on the wallet either

  12. just going to mention this one lol. yk hot meals that don’t require you to heat up can be made out of the fast food industry and can actually be healthy lol. ik that it’s something that not everyone can afford all the time but when you ask why do ppl hate on fast food it’s usually bc they are thinking why don’t you just go to the healthier option.

  13. i played it when i was 8 and above and was fine. never saw anything inappropriate. the issue is that lots teenagers and young adults that played as kids when they were my age now come to roblox to troll the kids on the app and make tiktok videos hoping to get popular off bullying little kids or using inappropriate language/images. so personally i would wait until he’s a little older that he could handle online bullying without taking it personal unless you can find a way to play by himself.

  14. Wisteria, Whitney, Whitsun, Wynne, Waylon, Wesley, Winifred, Wes, Winn, Wolfe, Woodson, Woody, Wilfred, Wheeler, Winsome, Wyatt, Warner, Wayland, Weaver, Wellington, Wells, Wendell, Whittaker, Wilder, Woodley

  15. I feel like Wendell is a toddler saying Kendall lol

  16. I’ve seen people say you should avoid Hugo because kids might call him Huge-oh so parents definitely have similar concerns about sons.

  17. my parents avoided Fatima just in case lol

  18. I hope that person frequently looks back on that moment and feels their stomach turn into a rock over the guilt of shaming a mom at a grocery store.

  19. unless they become a mom in the future and understand they won’t. and even then some of those future moms might have a perfect child and think to themselves “why does everyone say it’s hard it’s so easy” 🤷‍♀️

  20. And what are the chances a man that age ever took his kids grocery shopping by himself? I’d say slim to none.

  21. idk my dad took me to the grocery store with my siblings growing up so i don’t think that chances are “slim to none” if both parents’s are working and nobody is a stay at home

  22. The issue is she’s making thousands and thousands of dollars selling warped images and not giving any disclaimer that they aren’t real/original photos lol.

  23. she gives a million disclaimers what are you even talking about

  24. Just wondering. Is there anyway to truly know that she is eating wtv and has zero exercise? in my ed days i remember i would only have one meal a day but it could literally be the most fattening thing ever so when ppl saw it they couldn’t believe what weight i was in but that was literally all i was eating if that makes sense. just a little personal experience

  25. skinny teenage girls and the fact that I don't look like them rn

  26. being a teenage girl and not being skinny even tho everyone says i’m just going to get taller with age lol

  27. they also say your body will change again when you're 20-something... it's not going to make me taller and thinner though is it?

  28. literally like i’m not growing anymore so how am i magically supposed to lean out

  29. she looks like she got red face paint and drew a box

  30. tbh most of that cake is fake. more then likely they wheeled it back and served some Costco sheet cake or smth lmao

  31. Maybe francesca, Carmen, Amelia, Chiara? top four i guess

  32. This the real answer right here. Ffs people here even advise against Little Havana. The type of people who give this type of uninformed advice are overwhelmingly likely to be white boomers who are afraid of everyone who isn't a member of their country club. Little Havana is arguably one of the best neighborhoods for normal people who are neither rich nor destitute. Bicycling distance to Downtown and Brickell, lots of good, well priced restaurants, lots of culture and nightlife, lots of shops and services... Little Haiti isn't as lively but not far off IMO, I wouldn't hesitate to live there.

  33. someone got hurt bc someone told them little havana isn’t fisher island lmao

  34. lmao i think i might be the only person that actually liked this episode because i love leo and didn't find the hitting comment that deep like he was clearly joking with the tone he was saying it in but i get u can't make jokes now, people be too sensitive

  35. yeah i feel like the ppl on this sub can’t take a joke or understand tana’s and the guests humor which is odd bc they’re obviously fans

  36. The way Leo called Brooke out on “being too sweet and forgiving” irked me. God forbid she’s a decent person.

  37. but sometimes ppl are too forgiving and let ppl walk all over them

  38. Gen z is reverting to getting married before 25 and having them babies right away.

  39. this is so annoying when ppl try to generalize a whole generation of ppl just bc they saw three of their cousins get married before 25 and have kids right away. Like i’m Gen Z and i want to do that in an ideal world but so many of my friends do and don’t. It’s such a mix that you can’t really generalize like this

  40. I’m in the same boat, I saw this post and I was like no way Gen Z is having kids yet, I’m a late millennial and only on my first!!! Right? Right?

  41. um.. i’m sorry to tell you but 27 year olds and younger are definitely having kids lmao. Even teen pregnancy’s are still a thing

  42. As a sibling of an autistic bipolar brother i once complained on reddit on how it was hard for me growing up and got destroyed. I had written it after a specially hard summer where I took on a lot of responsibility with taking care of him and he had become a lot more violent and just mean and abusive on the daily, and he had just had an episode that landed him in the hospital. So glad to see ppl being understand under this post bc ik that the comments on my post just made me feel so much more guilty when i didn’t have to

  43. Sophia, Gabriella, Stephanie, Ashley, Victoria

  44. live in brickell. midtown is not the best area. i wouldn’t choose public generally. I would do charter over private but in brickell there aren’t many options since most ppl there send their kid to private school.

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