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  1. Out of curiosity, which Pokemon would you say most resemble Digimon?

  2. Honestly Garbodor, Clawitzer, Vikavolt and maybe Claydol. Claydol has a semi-similar appearance to Shakkoumon, Clawitzer and Vikavolt are designed with weapons in mind, Garbodor in a more grungy art style could look like a weird evolution of Raremon, and if you mechanized its metal fingers/arm segments it'd definitely look a lot like a Digimon concept. They all have a focus that a good amount of Digimon use with the exclusion of Claydol. This by no means makes them worse designs. They just look a little different. They all would require massive design changes to truly resemble Digimon, but off the top of my head these ones are a little closer than say Butterfree, or Lapras. People say that the Ultra Beasts look like Digimon, but that isn't true either. Despite taking more humanoid forms, they are still great departures from both Pokemon and Digimon design philosophy.

  3. I wasn’t expecting to get a reply to this comment a month later, but cool!

  4. Yeah the Raremon thing was a bit of a stretch. Check out Rareraremon, which is Raremon's evolution.

  5. Tai and Agumon make it to S Rank on sheer power alone. Oh my god these two would give Boros so much trouble even if we LOWBALL them. Not to mention the marketability of an upcoming college soccer player, as well as a cute little dinosaur who can obliterate several buildings after transforming a few times.

  6. You know, I had a business trip in Japan and "gym culture" over there was insane compared to where I live. They REALLY defend their gyms. I'm talking maxxed blisseys, chanseys, slakings and the second you start attacking, you were likely to draw attention and get someone to start golden razz. Maybe I'm just in an area that doesn't have to deal with that but it was both impressive and daunting at the same time. Having experienced that, I want to max out a couple of my blisseys, chanseys and slakings for my gym placements.

  7. I live by like 3 gyms. I can’t even leave a Pokemon there for like 4 hours. I get knocked out pretty soon after.

  8. Bruh if this is true Vespiqueen is gonna have talk with him about his beehavior in public when get back to their room.

  9. Hynullgon. Null is 0 in German. Drei is 3 in German.

  10. Fighting a top tier Braixen in Pokken is like fighting Steve, Samus, Joker and Link all rolled into one.

  11. *rides around on a stick that shoots flames like a hyperactive witch while surrounded by pink aura*

  12. repeatedly punks opponent with a flaming stick that comes back

  13. It’s a more vague title but I bet it’s largely going to focus on digimon that traveled to and from the digital world and human world as well digimon with dimension related lore and abilities

  14. Parallelmon and Metamormon have a chance of appearing, which would be pretty cool. I doubt that they will though.

  15. I don’t think I’d want something like that. Maybe one with Kanto to Sinnoh, and then one with Alola and Unova. Then maybe Kalos, Galar and Scarlet/Violet. Then you’d group them based on real life association, and the level scaling would be less annoying.

  16. Audio Credit: Solid JJ on YouTube Video Name: No, Luke, I am NOT your father

  17. I think Mercury could have the potential to be a very deep character if they actually invest time into him.

  18. If Sun looks this good in this style, imagine SSSN in a Cowboy Bebop style detective anime.

  19. Speaking of RWBY and gacha… Rest In Peace Amity Arena, you shall be sorely missed. The game was pretty well balanced (Except for Neon and Yatsu. Launcher Nora used to be busted but they fixed that so props to the devs). And very fun.

  20. Porky is literally unkillable right now lmao

  21. Yes I know it’s not in great condition. I’ve had it since I was a kid, and it was always a favorite card even before I knew the value. My uncle gave me his old collection and there it was. I used to carry it around and fidget with it when I got nervous. Sadly some of my old childhood favorites got traded away. I’m not going to send this in to grade. It’d be a waste of money in this condition. Thankfully now I know better, and I’m keeping it in a Penny sleeve in a top loader. (I’m still mad that I traded my starter deck Typhlosion away for an EX)

  22. He has been pretty lonely ever since his wife died

  23. Penny turning human made me really pissed. It’s tied with me finding out what Ironwood’s semblance was.

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