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  1. Is there a possibility for physical copies to be made and released?

  2. we're quietly working on something close to what you're asking, but can't share any details just yet, so a strong maybe :')

  3. Desperate to play the game but not in a position to buy it twice and would prefer a physical copy! Any expected time scale to hearing the maybe be announced?

  4. can't say too much, but I wouldn't expect it to happen in the next couple of months unfortunately

  5. Since it has story.how long would you say a normal playthrough last?

  6. There's a good amount of narrative and dialogue, but not super deep choice-heavy stuff, rather a mostly linear story that takes you through the areas of the game, which you can pause at times to do more managementy stuff.

  7. Thanks, but I think you mean silk sheets -- I'm after cotton sheets, which were plentiful in the early game but appear to have completely dried up causing a bit of a soft lock!

  8. hmm, yeah, I see what you mean. the best place is to get them from the abandoned buildings, which is only spawn once, but after that you should find a few in the junkyard every now and then. we'll see about adding a bit more tho!

  9. hopefully this year, but nothing more concrete than that yet

  10. The game's called Bear and Breakfast and we've spent a little over a year making it so far. Still has some way to go, but we managed to squeeze out a free demo that's up on Steam now, during the Next Fest.

  11. Where's your preferred place to get feedback? I played the demo and have some suggestions.

  12. Awesome, thank you! Preferred place would be through our

  13. Any idea when the PlayStation update is coming? Just finished the game today but I’m ready to hop back in.

  14. Listening to Eggplant (amazing podcast) and this clip from BaerTaffy popped into my head while Derek was talking about instakills

  15. Im actually stoked or this, it was the stand out o the presentation for me. Looove the artstyle with a management/sim angle.

  16. Hi! It's so incredibly humbling to see my game here and I can't believe you folks like it. Thank you!

  17. The art style reminded me a lot of don't starve, I thought it was like bear dlc for it at first lol

  18. That's super high praise, Don't Starve is one of my favourite games of all time.

  19. Source? Vad numa articole despre erori in testare.

  20. Flower shops are often willing to make a little effort to help you out. Giving flowers as a present does depend on the context and the relationship, though.

  21. Considered flowers, but it was slightly more akward. I did try for the local stores route, but was turned down. Went with CoolBlue in the end, hopefully it will arrive on time. Updated the OP as well. Thanks

  22. I'll be 15 min from Meerbeke tonight. Does your life depend on it? Is it €10 important? €1000? €new car?

  23. Thanks for the super in-depth reply. Currently looking through all the options. Also sent you a PM.

  24. This didn't show up on any radar. You're a hero :D Can't wait to get zaney and.. evan..y?

  25. Ah no tickets are sold out! Do we think there will be door sales? Also if any one has a spare would love to go with you! (and pay for it of course).

  26. I bought two advanced tickets, but my friend can't come with. If that doesn't change, I'll gladly hand it over.

  27. I read that they wrote 300,000 words in, so full voice acting would have been hella expensive. The voice acting is the short lines that sorta fit with the dialogue they’re saying, the “oh”s and the “yeah”s. But some things are more unique, like “It’s Polly Time” and “N00b”.

  28. Heya, the system is a little different on Steam for community items. A game needs to hit a few markers for sales and community behaviour before it's allowed to implement things like trading cards, mostly due to developers and / or fab bases abusing this system in the past.

  29. The suggestion for an Art / Progression Gallery has come up a lot in the past couple of days and we're considering it for one of the soon-to-be content updates we're planning for the game.

  30. Only in real life, but we don't have the stats for success rate on that.

  31. Does this game have voice acting ? Because I am a bit confused on this aspect.

  32. Heya, I'm part of the team. There's 2 aspects to this:

  33. Great game and one of the showcased indie's back at PAX west. Really great price point for a couch co-op game. Plus always great to support international developers. I believe the main dev/artist is from Argentina.

  34. Thanks :D Developers are Beautiful Glitch from Spain and the publishers from Romania.

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