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  1. Used to do that with Lapras when trying to catch Mewto

  2. Dude you should mark this NSFW. They're mating.

  3. The "average founding date" doesn't make any sense for something as arbitrarily as dates/years that are just in relation to "the year zero"

  4. Nowadays, you have to ask the ant what pronouns are used and what they identify as

  5. I’ve got one that is Southwest Lav out of ATL scented that I light when the in-laws are over to assert dominance and get them out faster so my wife’s boyfriend can screw her.

  6. Im commonly acknowledged as the world’s most dangerous human, particularly to cassowary. I’ll beat that fucking bird’s ass!

  7. compare the article's words to the actual bill

  8. I have read the article and the actual bill that you linked.

  9. This should be pinned by the mods. 💯

  10. ID already given. It would be dangerous to try to swallow it.

  11. Gasteracantha cancriformis or the Spinybacked Orbweaver. They are not aggressive and their venom is not dangerous, comparable to a bee sting (unless you’re allergic).

  12. Yes Patrick. Don't let people tell you otherwise.

  13. I also went to the Ego Death tour last year. To my knowledge, the definitive answer to this question is not yet known and you will likely have to tune into the live special to know for sure. If I had to guess, it seems that Chris hasn’t released a special of that material yet, so I would guess that the live Netflix show might be a more polished or refined version of what we saw on tour. Especially since he is still touring the Ego Death tour. Just a guess though.

  14. I love you but I want to keep the white plug and instead of the black power supply.

  15. Christlieb Andreas died 1935 in Frankfurt am Main, the death cert is online at Ancestry. He was born in Rosenthal, Kreis Frankenberg.

  16. I read through the instructions, but none of that answers my questions. It only speaks about people who WANT to file a tax return.

  17. The answer is in those instructions. A tax return is required to be filed to receive an ITIN unless they meet the one of the exceptions. Exception table located in the instructions.

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