1. I thought so too but when you see your favorite character get an alt and fail to get them...gets me everytime.

  2. As someone cursed with catalyst billets, pls this and also let us convert billets to other types; I NEED SWORDS AND CLAYMORES, NOT ANOTHER CATALYST WEAPON!!!!.

  3. Meanwhile, I have 5 northlander bow, 1 sword and claymore billet(s), with 1 Midlander bow, claymore and Polearm billet when all I want is to be able to R5 my Prototype Amber (which is currently R2). Can you please bless me with your catalyst billet curse?

  4. I'm almost reaching double digits so if I could I would definitely give it to you!!! Everything I touch becomes catalyst billets!!!!

  5. I got lazy and just went with summer musashi and double castoria, and it sort of worked until a certain assassin servant showed up. Then I just used command spells. I'll be honest I'm not a fan of keeping track of those calling card mechanics since one of them can completely drain your NP.

  6. That would makes geo more interesting tho I wish they would play around more with constructs since it's barely touched upon (like I want something like in the chasm where the geo emitting rocks send shockwaves but with geo characters)

  7. That was largely due to the Eleazar, iirc.

  8. Nope, it was because of her past involving the Doctor's experiments on her.

  9. Honestly I had almost forgotten the implications that they'd been having sex up until it seemed clear Lu was pregnant because the show was so focused more on the slice-of-life aspect and introducing the other girls.

  10. I had to rewatch those moments and I still had trouble catching it. I think it's also because the anime hasn't shown them have any alone time since it's mostly focusing on the village's development so it feels out of the blue especially if you're watching the show weekly.

  11. That's Madam Faruzan to you, or do you want to end up like Timmie's pigeons as well?

  12. "This is one of our main suppliers in fowl poultry for Mondstadt"

  13. I was hoping Kuki Shinibu would be on the banner. She’s only been on Itto and Cyno’s banners which I skipped. I don’t even have one

  14. I was hoping for Kuki as well. I still want her for my aggravate/hyperbloom teams but now there's just no reason for me to pull on these banners.

  15. I literally skipped the whole entire sumeru cast (except for nahida cuz she's an archon) for dehya. And what do we get? Sheer disrespect and disappointment.

  16. Same. I even saved those Sumeru pillar puzzles that make you fight the ruin enemies for her because she was going to be my on field pyro dps. Oh well...

  17. Mora meat. Pretty easy to make, especially with Sumeru being meatland

  18. She's was my go-to when I was too lazy to work on elemental reactions and just wanted to whack stuff and make things explode with her burst. I hope Mika isn't another Faruzan situation otherwise I'll be really disappointed.

  19. When people analyze characters fun and convenience are too rarely mentioned. She's has a fun, satisfying, and self reliant kit.

  20. Yeah. For me she was what got thru many of quests/fighting challenges and she feels satisfying to use.

  21. I told myself I would only pull if Candace is on the banner. Welp, I guess Dehya, whose mats I fully prefarmed for triple crown, really is testing me.

  22. Dehya was the only character I prefarmed for and I was going to go explore the new desert region to start farming the sand grease pupae mats until we showed her official kit. Now I'm not really motivated to explore the new desert anymore.

  23. Beidou because I like countering enemies and whacking them with electro fish.

  24. I thought it was fate (pun intended) that she and I shared the same birthday month and that I had to pull her. But I can't in good conscience pull for her when they gave her such a hodge-podge of a kit. I don't even need her to be meta, just solid and less janky.

  25. That could be the next sword parrying event, but with Kokomi.

  26. I braindead forgot that Tamamo lancer has that stun so when I brought her to the CQ she got killed before she could do anything because of the stun and little boars finishing her off. I really can't wait for that strengthening to come sooner.

  27. I think for me it's Sumeru because I love all the green luscious flora everywhere and I'm a huge sucker for deserts.

  28. I did the same but with Yelan. At least I finally got my first five star bow character.

  29. I kind of get what you mean since I use Yae ocassionally. Her damage is good, but the little details like how she has to spam her totems (with no cool gimmick besides just have three totems be close to each other) and she has to run for her life otherwise she'll get interrupted mid E skill spam. I've gotten used to it now but I still wish she had something more interesting up her sleeve.

  30. I was more hoping to sort of a hypercarry pyro beidou, who is the closest thing we have to a bruiser dps, since that's the role she's supposed to fill.

  31. I was really hoping for that as well. I love using Beidou to counter attacks, so imagining playing another claymore user that could tank hits and then deal it back (as increased damage) sounds really fun.

  32. Genuine question, why do we care if a character is strong or not?

  33. As a casual, it's because I don't want to overcompensate just because they're my favorite characters. I don't expect them to be meta, but I don't want them to be so weak that they make content unnecessarily hard. For example, I love using the Traveler and since dendro made her more stronger it's really fun to use her in main story and even event content. Just because I like a character doesn't mean I'll just overlook them dealing terrible damage.

  34. Usually the clothes since they make up most of the cosplay, but in my honest opinion, I'm usually more impressed by how a cosplayer does their wig because of how much attention/technique goes into styling wigs; I've seen cosplayers usually nail the clothes but hit or miss with the wigs.

  35. Im kinda saving for Fontaine chars but this makes it really difficult not to pull her

  36. For me it's Dehya and Mika, but Yelan is so tempting....

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