1. Hey everyone it's been a long time, I tried everything ,it unfortunately didn t work. But later on I bought a new fully speced out rig and it somehow worked. Sorry I can't help much .

  2. Bro it's not about loyalty and all, it's about practicality . Nepal is sorta in a developing but still kinda underdeveloped phase. You'll go nowhere until you're like the "chosen one" or you become a jagga Dalal and sell lands for enormous unrealistic prices. I'm going abroad too this year but that ain't mean I'm not loyal to my country, I just want to develop my career Ani it can't be done when our country itself is underdeveloped. It's different if you don't have the economical benefit to go Abroad but if you have the opportunity and your choosing not to grab it then good luck .

  3. Also you can contribute to Nepal by making money abroad and you can use your wealth to build the necessary stuff needed for Nepal. This is because the value for money abroad is quite high, well at least higher than Nepalese currency .

  4. Bro kishu is my father's name, I will sue you

  5. To top it off , their fighting in my country’s holiest place , Pashiupati Nath. Nepal.

  6. See I do full time gaming and YouTube in Nepal. Gaming as in pc games not pubg mobile which would have made it easier for me to gain subs. But sad truth is , it’s hard here. You gotta be consistent with it. It’s not like foreign countries where you can just start communities . Start basic and small. Even if you get 5 view post videos everyday. Especially promote your cha bel from YouTube shorts, Tiktok. I stream Valorant everyday for 8-11 hours for max 5 viewers and total 80 views maybe! You need to show you ethics and gain audience doing that for people to listen to you! AJaarnav is my channel just so if your curious. Take care and best of luck!

  7. You might want to rethink PC gaming YT channel in Nepal. Most of the gamers don't have enough money to buy a decent phone, let alone build a gaming PC. If you are doing it for fun, it's alright. If you want to earn, make videos that are in high demand.

  8. Cons aside there is a good amount of people In Nepal with gaming pcs, doesn’t have to be high end and laptops. Unfortunately there wil always be people who don’t have those kind of privilege which is sad. But for the most part, everyone does have a phone to watch YouTube . I just hope to influence more people and bring a strong community.

  9. I mean NGL I’m pretty good financially, obviously not me ,my parents. Also no one’s done it before so someone has to step forward and do it! So that’s what I’m trying to achieve!

  10. They don’t, people in Nepal are just too Opinionated and fucking can’t mind their own bizz and whenever someone who is wealthy posts something which is normal to them, all these Nepalese people be hating on them for no reason at all. Prolly jealous as fuck.

  11. Any valorant player from Europe???????

  12. Streamer, I run an esports organization and I’m a data analyzer

  13. I feel like Nepal is the only place which it doesn’t matter, I’ve been Called kale, Kalu, Haku all my life and it’s like I don’t care cause it’s y nickname now? I mean Nepal ma testo racism chaina Ke like other countries.

  14. So Umm my parents are letting me play games for living …

  15. might have set your default 3d engine to ur gpu or some mining going underhand, kun model ho ?

  16. Tell me about this mining thing , how do I check??

  17. Add a fan on top as exhaust. Hot air rises. If not make the side fan closet to the back as an exhaust.

  18. If that’s the cas I wil have 3 exhaust, one on the back, one on the side and if I do as I said one on the top.

  19. Mero mathi chai there is a 2fan liquid cooler which makes it impossible to fit fans however if I shift the 2 fan liquid cooler a bit to the left, there will be space for me to fit an exhaust fan. I can use one of the side panel fans as my upper exhaust. Will a single exhaust fan on the top do??

  20. Your post doesn't match the tag you've attributed.

  21. Okay sure my bad mod, what should I keep instead when I’m promoting stuffs?

  22. Sure then I’ll repost it with the promotion tagggg, sorry for the inconvenience

  23. Yes that’s for later sadly but if you want to you could join and play cs

  24. I saw a vid years ago that shook me more than any other ever has. It was a group of like 12-14 year olds who lured another child to an isolated area with lots of rubble and then they stoned the poor kid (who looked to be a bit younger than the rest), after many hits to finish things off they took turns dropping cinder blocks on his head. I've never seen it since, never want to.

  25. I’m also new to dota. Maybe 20 hours. I love playing support characters especially Oracle. Hit me up if ya wanna play.

  26. Good, it would be stupid if you don't have a backup when you are trying to be a pro gamer

  27. Ohhhh been so long, want to play my Lian babe already😂

  28. Try bro try, it’s fine dawg. It’s never too late.

  29. Man looks like Ethan from H3H3 productions

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