1. Does anybody know where is this quote from? Which book or chapter?

  2. Same, my team won first game and after game it just said that it was still searching for bracket. We 've vated for 2 hours and nothing happend.

  3. Daj pliz epizodu i sezonu u kojoj se pojavljuje.

  4. Did you make this dack for Mater Duel or for TCG/OCG?

  5. Mine are veins is peep's best song. And goth angel singer wasn't that good.

  6. He was always there when we "ve needed him. What a legend that man is.

  7. Last was veins. Truly an awsome song.

  8. Same happens to me. Sometimes i get to cought up in plays that i don't see leathal that i have. But sometimes it is a good thing cuz they negete 1 attack and i still win.

  9. Those are all good options, i personaly use Esound cuz it can sort songs by artist and i can save unreleased songs.

  10. One of the best songs peep ever made

  11. I cant wait, I made it to diamond with full armor master im gonna do it with the worse of the blackwings

  12. Same. Some of the cards look fantasctic

  13. Yes,and the worst thing is i had to sit for 5 min cuz he did't activate a single card so system didn't recognize he was AFK.

  14. Head is banned so idk what was he doing

  15. Dack looks really good. I would only remove sheep and repair and add 1 cat and 1 hand trap (nibiru or maxx c). Also in extra dack 3 sheep is bad but i guess you don't want to use more dust.

  16. me and my friend were making parodies on popular song. For one of his choices he picked Save that Shit. So the first time i heard Peep I made a parody about spongbob or something

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