1. this is gonna be me in a month!!! ( but only together a year and half) congrats! Eeeeeeee 🥰🥰

  2. The idea that the the human-centric experience and theory of existential concerns is universal across other species is a self-serving anxiety alleviation (ie. let's not look to closely at the non-uniqueness of our species).

  3. While Frank is right... Just because something can't be disproven doesn't mean one has a good reason for believing it in the first place.

  4. I still get random ones when I think of mine....

  5. Not being able to think clearly is a side effect of the numbness/depression (I believe). Is it possible you have numbed yourself to get away from an emotion? If so, it could be that it is now hard to think about anything.

  6. Think about all the past experiences you have had that give you your specific life view. Paying for therapy is paying for a person trained to offer you insight from their lifetime of experiences. A good therapist will work with you on whatever you want to. There might be days where you sit there for an hour but there will also be days when you will gain a perspective you never could have had without it.

  7. Couldn’t you just be inspired and gain new perspective from a YouTube video though?

  8. Its easier to instill a sense of accountability to self when there is someone else watching.

  9. What if you just told a friend? Could you have the same accountability? I think it’s the money thing that is the biggest issue for me. Otherwise I’d go for it to just try.

  10. Hopefully they also did the water pump while doing the timing belt.

  11. You’re good to go for 100k then as long as nothing else major happens.

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