1. Looks more like a stamina driver to me. Like it though!

  2. yep, still need to learn how to make a ball

  3. I’m in Thailand. To my surprise, I manage to find 3 quilting supply shops but the selection is limited.

  4. 1, this is a reupload, last one didnt load. 2, made with SketchUp

  5. read it wrong i thought of DB, the heaviest Sparking chip for right spin is Soloman

  6. i know how it can be fixed, just cant be used for battle anymore.

  7. I did have my Dad help me super glue the piece back on, but then I battled with it and the piece broke off again. I could try it again, but like you mentioned, I won’t be able to battle with it anymore…

  8. nope, super glue may work but try this. Its a thing called "plastics bonder", i used it to fix my victory valkyrie so it may work for you.

  9. If only the actual Hasbro Prominence had the gimmick

  10. It means Poison Cobra 7Wall Keep Gen pro series.

  11. yeah the wii u game is called Yokai Watch Dance JUST DANCE R Special Version

  12. The three seasons of MF have shown more destruction than six seasons of Burst. Burst beys break stadiums? MF beys can cause the destruction of the world.

  13. Well it is my opinion, also in the burst manga when Shu was training he broke multiple stadiums (can't remember the chapter because I don't own it,) also didn't Lain break a stadium as well?

  14. just wait till the 5th divine beast in the dlc

  15. 1, due to the fact that it looks like a cheeto

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