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  1. Indeed it is not, dark souls 3. Easily more rememberable than ER

  2. Rememberable is not a word mate, lol

  3. sure! happy to mule, I've got a sign down at the church of elleh, pw 111

  4. Dammit, wish epic voice guy did that one

  5. Do you still want it ? Could give it to you if you help me move a few items between characters

  6. >The clip was funny ≠ OP was right

  7. I personally think that PARRYING should be incorporated into guarding like in Sekiro as well. Make it so if the player taps like heavy attack during block they get a basic parry, and Shields get stronger parries and parry ashes of war with better frames. So like a sword takes 5 parries to stance break, while a shield takes 3. Combine that with a very short window in which blocking with weapons gives 100% physical absorption, and more defined tells on what attacks can be jumped over, as well as an increase in then, could make the combat almost as complex as Sekiro while retaining the rpg elements.

  8. Wait i didn't know this was posted at all , how'd you find this ? Lol

  9. That's some massive drip , OP.

  10. I've actually seen some of your other posts before, really cool stuff, keep it up !

  11. Build variety is precisely why i fell in love with the series , but first game was ds2 and sadly, none of the other games could live up to it in terms of that , up until ER that is.

  12. Well i mean your spouse is an undead who's died probably hundreds if not thousands of times anyway soooo

  13. Initially it seemed like good changes though there was some stuff they never got around to tackling. It's possible 1.05 might have been split into a few patches, so they put the numerous bug fixes (even if mostly trite ones) and quol in its own update, with performance and more balance coming in 1.06, a lot of the time they will be planned in advance because despite what some would have you believe, updating a game isn't a simple thing. All feedback they receive is also mediated by Bandai who are the ones behind all the PR, the twitter etc.. Having a middle man, especially a large game's company like Bandai isn't ideal.

  14. You're obviously right , which is why it felt so surreal that they could do what they did with 1.03 and 1.04 so quickly , thought they had figured out some way to more quickly understand what most of the fans are asking for.

  15. I think that's a very good assessment of the state of things. There's a few shit movesets and skills but overall the way the game is actually allows for a lot of creativity, and a lot of the shit people say is lacklustre is perfectly useable. It's nice casting is strong for a change as annoying as mages can be. There's a few things maybe need tweaking like stars of ruin but they did a good job overall. It's surreal now people turn around and worship ds3 as the pinnacle of souls pvp. But yeah you're absolutely right that a number of setups, builds and skills simply outclass everything else and stick out like a sore thumb, which does make it frustrating in that not much has been done to address that as game is so close to having some decent pvp.

  16. Honestly , i was kind of disappointed by ER's lack of three phase bosses , we had a few in ds3 and a lot in sekiro but none in ER

  17. Radan has three phases though. Four if you count the bow / getting close as a phase.

  18. Godfrey kinda has three phases too , he powers up at 75 health and his stomps get much stronger

  19. Great fallen beast jaw, or whatever it's called. (You get it close to volcano manor, fighting the grown fallen beast).

  20. Yeah , I'm a more of a generic greatmace guy , but this sounds like it works even better lol

  21. Whenever I start an rpg I go full tank and elden ring is the first game where I regretted that decision in the beginning - fighting the elden beast took about 45 minutes just because it keeps jumping around and I did fuck all damage.

  22. I don't need tips. I've beat her, I know what she can do and what she's weak to. Doesn't mean it's a well designed fight.

  23. Nothing you said makes her bad either, what i said though means that you have to use everything you've learned throughout your entire jounrey to defeat her.

  24. "just get good, she's supposed to be like that" clear just read the title and jumped straight into defending her.

  25. Lol you say that as if your argument is somehow nuanced.

  26. Yeah but that's not a good thing

  27. As a Mage, I loved Raya Lucaria the first time I was there.

  28. I understand that you can't enter *any* of them, which is fine, but seems like the Capital version of it is the biggest and main one. Should've let us do SOMETHING, there. In my opinion, I think fighting a dragon that was caged there would've made the most sense. IDK.

  29. I wanna fight two lions there lol

  30. Only if you want to go to the haligtree, which is not required

  31. Kinda shocked that people are voting castle sol , the boss there is pretty cool but i thought the castle itself was somewhat boring aesthetically at least

  32. Everyone knows that's just a secret Dark Souls entrance.

  33. Apart from games files she literally says "Me, I'm searching for my purpose given to me by my mother inside the Erdtree long ago, for the reason that I yet live, burned and bodyless."

  34. Ok so Marika is mom to Morgott, the Gloam Queen is Melina’s Mother. Morgott and Melina were in a lesbian relationship (yes), and someone we don’t know lied to Melina while she was going to get food one day, and to find the right track towards food she had to make a blood oath to murder her love one day. She was further persuaded to do it so she’d unlock a special power like the special eye in naruto (but she ends up not liking it and decides to get in the fire and die anyways)

  35. This is amazing , had me crying at the end

  36. Hey do you have the banished knight set ? And if you do how many rune do you need

  37. I also have the gloves and leggings , but on a separate character

  38. Not the full set , but i do have the unaltered chest piece

  39. Good, now get all the 4 other moonlight greatswords

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