1. Lol i voted for the didnt like them and ive seen so many people talking about how epic puts no effort what so ever on the battle pass so i was wondering what everyone else thought

  2. 😂 laughed so hard at this! Why do you think they’re pros it’s literally probably one of the hardest games to be a pro in they damn live in there rooms

  3. I have xfinity mobile and wifi and i got an email saying they were working on upgrading the antennas that i would have to restart my router and phones if experience loss of signal

  4. Let me go back and re think what i just did have a good day daddy

  5. I wonder why weenerbot and bylah got back together aussi was saying they hate each other and they had so much beef on twitter even after winning fncs and now with the new anti cheats they aint gonna qual lol

  6. Lets goooo!! Thats a W for comp its about time they started caring about the comp side of fortnite

  7. Hahaha cented saying it was a mutual split!?😂 totally was good guy cented

  8. Kids look up to bugha only because of his world cup win, he carries himself as a respectable person while on stream but I have read before that he is a very toxic person behind the scene. I dont have much respect for his fncs wind due to the cheating allegations of mero and him coming out last season saying he was going to stream every tourny and hand cam but he never did any of it so that to me his sus. As well as in one of the duo cash cups he was streaming it and Aussie was watching him and every AR shot he shot was a 27 damage like how??

  9. They aren’t cheap but Snap-On feels best in my hand. Sometimes comfort is worth the price

  10. I love snap on wrenches they look nice feel nice but the price lol a while back my dealer had a set that went from 3/8 up to 1 1/4 for 1,700 lol i was going on parental leave shortly after and didnt allow me to get them without snap on credit and since he hasnt gotten any more sets

  11. Mr savage washed!? Coming in 6th?! When he’s not even grinding the meta atm!! Whaaat! Thats crazy that to me only proves that hes a goat and still one of THE best solos players out placing veno who is a fncs champion and grinds the game!

  12. Epic; everyones quitting what do we do fix the meta or up the money LETS GIVE THEM MORE MONEY!

  13. Hes not a swift driver, its a swift trailer that is leased to other companies. Do you see swift on the truck? No cus its not a swift truck

  14. I think the energy is different because we got a young squad now and everyone is out to prove they are leaders rather then have to be sheep under the vets

  15. I dont think you can nickmercs was talking about wanting to put up a tourney for no build but epic wouldnt let him do more than 25k or something like that

  16. I would not want to see him with us for any reason just let lock play this season and we draft a good QB1 next draft. Plus Diggs said it himself dk out hes out

  17. Hey quit the bitchen and just play at least they’re minimally trying to care about comp

  18. Who brought in Russ, Metcalf, Baldwin, Chancellor, Sherman, Wagner, etc? Don't overreact.

  19. Yea thats what im wondering yes we had great draft when the LOB was thoomin and moving and we had russ playing his best ball games, but after the supuer bowl loss we havent really hit in the draft other than dk you know what i mean?

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