1. Those are all Japanese stuff, Sakura and Japanese sparrow and posters... many stuffs

  2. Lol actually hilarious! This is amazing, bandit is probably going to say the same thing the officer did in the future. “Driver, did you know that there was a yellow line?”

  3. Oh I reckon Bandit picked up the yellow line bit. In the future he'd probably go and tout:

  4. does that say いつか or いっか? it's kinda hard to tell with that font/fontsize (note, am still learning/getting used to 日本語)

  5. For a Japanese its easy to tell, you just get used to the size of つ and っ. If it was the small っ it would be written more smaller! So it is いつか meaning someday. Good luck learning Japanese cus this language is confusing with weird kanji and stuff that doesn’t make sense.

  6. Left: Sora (younger brother) Middle: Ren (oldest brother) Right: Mugi (younger sister)

  7. Hey! Come to the message section! Open profile and there’s a message button

  8. Yup. Open my profile and there’s a message button I think

  9. Why they drew the bum crack on the character the has clothes on, but not other characters that are not wearing clothes? Also where is his tail?

  10. I hope so! Because in the episode “typewriter” when snickers is rolling down you can see jack on the hill again. I wonder how they will make calypso in it, will she disappear and only Mackenzie seeing it?

  11. This is so cute and awesome! I really love your art style!

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