1. They’re fine I asked my doctor and she said just use them when you need them.

  2. so anytime i have diarrhea? at the moment i take them 2 times a week. and i always feel guilty about it because my gi told me its better to not use immodium. but it helps me so much especially with the anxiety

  3. Twice a week is fine I’m sure - I use them 2-3 times a week. My doctor said it was only an issue if you hadn’t been seen by a doctor and never investigated your symptoms. Once you have a diagnosis it’s ok to use them when you need them to balance having a normal life. They can make you constipated and you need to find your own balance with that.

  4. i have so many great friends that are understanding but i still feel like we arent as close as we were before i got agoraphobic. i also dont like havinc people around my house so i see most of them like … never. im happy that ive got some friends online but its still really hard :( so you‘re not alone and it sucks a lot

  5. thank you so much for your insight! my main trigger for ibs is anxiety as well and my physical symptoms are really bad :( im already in therapy but i feel like AD‘s would be something i could benefit a lot from because i started with general anxiety as well and now have agoraphobia because of ibs which sucks a lot. im glad AD‘s can help you and lets see maybe im going to give them a try!

  6. Limberg: (Autumn/Fall house) it’s pretty nice Sylvana: (Spring cherry blossom set up and looks like a picnic is set up) Ricky: (in the woods survivalist/camping look. I’ll post homes on my Reddit account

  7. omg i love limbergs house 🥹 i wish he would be a little bit cuter LMAO

  8. Lol, I understand. He has a sweet personality (grumpy) at least. Grumpy villagers are usually the sweetest ones imo.

  9. thats true! i have boris on my island as a grumpy villigar and i love him. love his home as well because its all zodiac furniture!

  10. slept 13 hours today and still feel tired, i need 10 hours every night

  11. I tried explaining. No one gets it

  12. im sorry that no one understands you. but here we all very much understand you:)

  13. I was around 24-25 when my problems got severe. I’m a hairstylist and work so closely with people all day. When I have a flare up, i can only “gotta mix up more color, one sec I forgot gloves” so many times. I finally just told them I have IBS and was having a bad day on those certain days. I’ve had to walk away from a client 4 or 5 times during their color service. Thankfully they all understand and it makes them more comfortable if their stomach is ever upset. I literally can’t help it so I can’t hide it

  14. being at the hairstylist is always so much stress for me! i wish my hairstylist would bei open about such things it would be much easier for me. so maybe thats also a new perspective for you: your openess might be something that other people benefit and learn from a lot :)

  15. i took the train/ bus, was at a bank appointment, did grocery shopping, went to therapy and today i went for a walk!

  16. i know its not technically kk but marine song 2001 just has such a special place in my heart. i remember when i was 12/13 and i was playing animal crossing new leaf when i was in a really bad place. i heard the song and just started to cry because i loved the melody so much its still my favorite one

  17. at first, when i was reacting to it I was in the moment and I did not like it now that I broke down te lyrics and every thing else I can't stop singing it.

  18. I see a Verdewhatever and a verdewhatever on Spotify. So Verde's music is verdewhatever not Verdewhatever?

  19. yes exactly! or at least verdewhatever (with a small v) is the one verde posted himself

  20. But why are we suffering from this :( how other people are normal. What did we do wrong?

  21. hey dont blame yourself you didnt do anything wrong. we cant blame ourselfes for all the pressure we have everyday.

  22. If anxiety were that easy to control then I’d be unmedicated and rich for trademarking the phrase.

  23. Will we ever live a normal life? I can’t go to my classes right now :(((

  24. no i didnt because i luckily havent a lot of classes. and the classes i have i just work on my own like from home. but still a little help wouldnt be too bad i think they would understand but im not brave enough. did you do it?

  25. i tried iberogast and it helped me a little with feeling nauseous. i took it for 1 month 3x a day. but it didnt really changed a lot and i think for only nauseous you can try other things like ginger

  26. i just wanted to write something so i wont loose the post. i actually just started therapy so i cant say anything (yet)

  27. im from germany not switzerland but i dont think the food is so much different than the us (maybe less preservatives). i think whatever she can eat in the us she will find in switzerland as well. its hard to say what she can bring with her because everybody has different trigger foods with ibs. i really like rice bowls with rice, avocado, shrimps/ tofu, cucumber. i think its easy as a meal prep

  28. Try hiking, fishing or just be outdoors in nature it helps a lot when you have opportunities to do outdoor activites as opposed to spending them indoors

  29. i have agoraphobia and ibs-d, even tho i love beinc in nature its really really hard for me and triggers my anxiety big time

  30. hey i dont think you realize that you are really not alone with this! i have ibs-d so everyday is pain for me. just like you, i cant go to school or in the car without thinking ”what if im going to poop myself?”. im also a shy pooper and just the thought of having to go in school makes me panic so much and panic triggers your gut so its really a bad cycle. this fear of pooping even causes me to stay home a lot of time and i got agoaphobic. and its not just me and you! this is a problem for actually a loooot of people. i wished we would be more open about pooping because its something everybody does. i dont know why this topic is fraught with so much shame.

  31. Yes!!! I get anxious about going places which makes my stomach hurt which makes me more anxious, it’s an awful cycle.

  32. The trick making uni fun and to want to make it to class is to find one person in every class to have a crush on. Don’t just go to class, go to see them. It will make school more fun and you will want to be there.

  33. that sounds really cute but also i think im going to be even more anxious because im so existed😂😭

  34. its sunday morning i still have this whole day and i have anxiety already 😀

  35. I had my first gastro apt today and had to schedule my first colonoscopy for August and I’m terrified 😭😭

  36. hey so its been some days and i just wanna say you really dont have anything you need to be afraid of :) the colonoscopy itself was really not painful at all i wasnt awake and it was a interesting experience. i mean the prep isnt the nicest thing on earth but sometimes it helps people with their symptoms! just having your whole bowls cleared out for once. i also started with probiotics the day after. and i had normal bowel movements the day after the colonoscopy again.

  37. Well, everybody is different and I do suspect that I'm a pretty severe case, but I had bloody diarrhea for a week after my colonoscopy.

  38. i also had blood in my diarrhea :( but thank you at least that means its kind of normal

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