1. I did just that a few years ago and never had any look (and also never regretted it!) It turns out that people don't look at your underarms, even when you are topless.

  2. Yes! The underarms part is really for hygiene reasons. I'm also a heavy traveler and I can't think of a place where this would culturally be a problem... Maybe you can explain your concern?

  3. I guess I always felt that people would think it’s weird or girly. But your right, I should do it. I, personally, think underarm hair is gross and just harbors bacteria and causes body odor. It would be so nice to laser them off and have them gone for good!

  4. I got covid twice in the past two months, both times at out of state weddings.

  5. So what’s your choice? If I got Covid twice in a short period of time, I’d be scared of going out maskless again

  6. OK let us talk about why we genuflect. We genuflect to acknowledge the true presence of Jesus Christ. This only applies if there is a tabernacle behind the altar, which used to be normal. Some priests may do this by default or feel that it gives extra reverence. Some priests dont have good knees.

  7. Sorry I didn’t specify in my post. But yes, there is a tabernacle behind the altar in the center. Some priests bow to it while some genuflect.

  8. As specified in the GIRM, the default manner on giving reverence at the procession and recession is to profoundly bow at the sanctuary. However the GIRM also specifies that if the tabernacle is present then the Altar party should genuflect instead of bowing.

  9. Oh so 42 $ includes gorillas and other exhibits. I thought, I would add on that price if I want to see them.

  10. That’s correct. Very much worth it. For limited admission, I would prepare to spend 4 hours at the zoo. For total experience tickets for $41.95, allow an extra hour, so that’s 5 hours total. Keep in mind the zoo is only open 10am to 5pm, so get there early in the morning close to opening in order to allow enough time for your visit.

  11. Also remember that 5pm in the Bronx is NYC during rush hour, you might want to hang out at Arthur Ave restaurants for a while before leaving the area. The Bronx botanical gardens are next door and close at 6pm (different admission).

  12. Yeah, agreed. I'm actually very surprised for such a big zoo, their hours are really limited. 10-5 is a really short time frame, and they actually start closing exhibits around 4:30pm.

  13. Yes! It's better to come late than to not come at all!

  14. By why??? If people aren’t serious enough about mass to come on time, why come at all? Frankly, I’d rather have 50 dedicated people at mass than 1,000 people who are just there and don’t care. It’s why I dislike Palm Sunday. So many people at mass and people act like they are in a zoo! To me, it’s about the quality of people rather than the quantity.

  15. Wow there’s a pathetic amount of sympathy for late comers in this post. Probably because you all come late a lot. If you can make it to a job interview on time, or your son’s game on time, why can’t you make it to Mass? It’s simply because you don’t prioritize it highly enough.

  16. Yeah, I’m a little shocked myself. I understand people are running late and stuff, so very simple solution… go to the next mass. Many churches, especially mine, offers MANY masses on Sundays. Can’t make it to one mass on time, there are plenty of other masses afterwards!

  17. I got a basic IPL off of Amazon and although I was a bit inconsistent at first, I no longer have underarm or leg hair.

  18. How long did it take? I was using the Tria for about 4 months and maybe got about 50% of the hair, but after that, the progress sorta plateaued.

  19. I think you need multiple treatments for either one, but electrolysis is considered more permanent. I’d setup a consultation with some different plastic surgeons and dermatologists to see what would work best for your hair and skin type.

  20. My issue with these consultations is that they will be biased. If I go to an Electrolysis center for consultation, of course they will tell me to get electrolysis because they will make money, lol.

  21. It does not protect you at all if you do not wear it. It protects others, sure, but the wearer also gets protection.

  22. The protection against yourself is very minimal if anything, and certainly even more minimal of you are surrounded by maskless people breathing all over you. So by me wearing a mask, I’m essentially protecting others (who evidently don’t want to be protected since they themselves aren’t wearing a mask) and no one is protecting me. This whole thing makes no sense!

  23. How about EVERYONE wear a mask for MAXIMUM protection? It’s not a hard thing to do. If we can work together and do this one simple thing, we can finally combat this pandemic, which we’ve miserably failed to do these past two years.

  24. Boyfriend, let it be you posting this. Please, pretty please.

  25. Do you know how little doormen get paid? He probably needs to work that much just to afford rent and food.

  26. Probably around $60,000. That's a decent salary, especially since they are getting paid that much to do basically nothing. I used to work at a company that paid me only $32K.

  27. Budgeting doesn't reduce your expenses. Maybe he likes to work and they find stuff for him to do.

  28. It’s actually funny how the stuff they have him do are things the porters can do. So basically, the porters are getting paid to chit chat while my doorman gets paid extra to break his back watering the garden and painting the hallways on his days off. Unnecessary spending for the building and it takes a toll on our monthly maintenance.

  29. Really? That rate means 96% of people around you don’t have Covid! Seems pretty low to me!

  30. Laser is the answer but not sure you want your underarm air gone for good

  31. Because aren’t men supposed to have underarm hair? What would be people think if I had it removed permanently?

  32. Use soap or body wash (liberally) instead of shaving cream to get deodorant off thoroughly otherwise the razor gets gummed up and gross. Body wash works best imo. Lift your arm up over your head and shave from bottom up, do not stroke twice in the same spot. Apply body wash again and then repeat going from top to bottom. If your skin isn't too sensitive you can go once more diagonally from top outside corner to lower inside corner. If you do more than that you're gonna wish you hadn't.

  33. New hairs are "blunt" and sometimes have trouble getting out of the skin correctly. You also might be prone to ingrowns due to a random combination of genetics and environmental factors (I'm super prone to them... It's not something I enjoy)

  34. Many department stores have bathrooms you can use. A few stores that come to mind... Barnes & Nobles, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale's, Macy's Herald Square, and Burlington... and even Penn Station has bathrooms.

  35. But so many people today are acting as if Covid doesn't exist anymore. Nobody is wearing masks anymore. How can we put an end to this pandemic once and for all if people have given up taking transmission control seriously?

  36. I don't want to dissuade you from visiting long beach because it is pretty nice but imo the beach fee is too expensive i think you'd be disappointed having to pay so much for the an equivalent experience you'd get at Rockaway( for free i assume? I've never been to the actual beach. I'm usually riding on the boardwalk) I guess long beach may be a little less crowded, a more low key vibe idk of it worth it for you. I just checked and it's $15 daily fee.

  37. Yeah the beach fee plus the LIRR fare are the reasons why I never went. The LIRR has a package with the beach fee included which totals to about $26 and change, but that’s still high, especially since I don’t have to pay any of that at Rockaway.

  38. Always used to go to Jones beach. Many years ago. Don't know what it's like today. Pretty sure they still have concerts there.

  39. I also heard Long Beach was nice, but I'm not so familiar with the LIRR. But maybe I might give it a shot and go to one of them. I heard they are really nice and much cleaner than Rockaway!

  40. Body hair trends come and go just like any other fashion trend,. There are little options for mixing it up so it either swings more natural for a decade or so, then swings back to being shaved/trimmed for a decade or so. Always best to make the decisions on your appearance based on what makes you the most happy. Don’t do things for other people.

  41. Personally, I love the hairless look and I prefer the feel of it too. Always preferred it that way. Not sure how others think of it on me. Maybe they think it looks weird on me. But I, personally, love it!

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