1. main riders and secondary riders to share forms for fang memory to be used with other memory for diends ktouch to be released

  2. probably just me, but i’m not a big fan of it. not only am i not the biggest geats fan, the pointy chin is really sells it for me. i think it’s too much white. the form before he puts the second buckle on is better looking then the final, because i like geats’ base helmet much more then that one.

  3. I find it funny that people are downvoting you for answering the OP's question

  4. people have opinions, some people don’t realize everyone has their own feelings

  5. kev really fucked his wifes mother and got her pregnant and everyone is ok with it

  6. Yeah. It was weird. Not the curious, entertaining kind of weird. It was the off putting kind of weird.

  7. Honestly Zi-O 2's Jingle would sound much better if it used Zamonas/Zonji's jingle format

  8. i really don’t like zi o 2 as a whole the design is odd and the jingle is eh

  9. Probably just take the name from the rider, I'd call it Darkness Style

  10. All of Kamen Rider jingles in Grand Zi-O are jingles from their own show.

  11. kivas belt only says wake up when he used the fuestle for his finisher. his belt doesn’t say that when he transforms

  12. Revice is still technology, while the four of these are magical sources, mystic forces

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