1. I also caught COVID September 2021 lost taste and smell I'm still not 100 pork and chicken still not ok wee and poop also sweet which I can't stand and also I can't eat some other foods I used to eat before

  2. How long has this been going on and is there anything else that is weird to everyone

  3. Does anyone do nasal rinse when I do them I seem to get a sore throat anyone else

  4. I'm 10 months in and some things still taste off also my poop smells a weird sweet smell it's so annoying wonder if it ever really goes back to normal

  5. I'm 11 months I'm still not back to normal my main problem is my poop and gas has a sickly sweet smell anyone else have this problem

  6. I've also had blocked eustachian tubes for 5 years can't pop them nothing but it effects my daily life anyone else?

  7. I've had blocked eustachian tubes for 5 years and I can't pop them either it drives me mad daily

  8. This might sound mad but could someone give me some advice I don't have periods because I've got the implant and it's stopped my periods I'm 41 i have lots of pmdd symptoms is it possible with no periods

  9. I've had this since last September and it's still the same how long have you had it

  10. I've had blocked eustachian tube for 5 years and can't pop them or nothing

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