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  1. W/ the rod of Harmony you can teleport freely around the screen free of charge. This can come in handy with some situations like Empress Of Light

  2. For anyone wondering, I am town hall 11 with 1100, trophies

  3. Tell me when this stupid car comes out. Im getting tired of waiting.

  4. It wasn't as good as Far Cry 5 but wasn't worse than many other games. Far Cry 6 has some of the older more appreciated guns, but Far Cry 5 has more freedom. I bought FC 6 because I'm a major fan of the series and was excited for it. If you do buy it, have fun.

  5. Yeah thank you ! That’s why I would be afraid to transfers over. I finally hit lvl 409 I don’t want it to be for nothing

  6. I'd be pretty mad too if my work on this game was all for nothing

  7. The best part of that mission was Talia saying " Arrrgghh! Don't be dumb bitch! "

  8. I'm shit at high notes and low notes do a fire job at notes between the two

  9. Maybe change the hair if you can, but still PRETTY accurate 👍

  10. Imma let this war go on while I'm chilling unbothered. I SAID UNBOTHERED!

  11. My friend was raging about the UFOs ruining his Cayo preps lol

  12. Crumbly Cookies, they be getting crumbs EVERYWHERE

  13. This. Even worse would be a nutrigrain bar

  14. You deserve the " Crumby bed crown " more than I

  15. Congratulations, I'm raising a glass of bubbly on your behalf

  16. I ain't either but damn this photo got me speechless


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