1. Forget about porn. That's stuff that's designed to appeal to people who don't have sex. Get with her, love her and do what comes naturally and don't worry about whether you're doing it right or wrong. Just have fun and be affectionate.

  2. I am forgetting about it I'm just scared about how it's impacted me so far and how that'll impact how sex will feel like. it makes me very nervous and not as excited as I should be. I fucking hate jt

  3. You don't really explain what you don't like. What is wrong with the camera? Especially for an N64 game it's very good. Especially when you mention sm64, the camera in BK is objectively better.

  4. I do not hate collection games. and my issue with the camera is that it does not go well with how the levels are designed, half the time you can see nothing of what's coming, my issue with the game was that it got too tedious with the shape shifting mechanic.

  5. To clear the record I wasn't trying to be hostile, just looking for more info.

  6. Yeah perhaps my original post was way over the top it's more like a 7/10 even 8 it's just rhat I was expecting a 9.

  7. thats fuckijt dumb. building up a great story to make the default ending per say be a slap in thr face isn't replay value. hiding the ending the player desreve isn't something great.

  8. Just downloaded it. what settings should i change/how to enable that filter

  9. Probably every compatible game with no more than 25-30 FPS. Also how much RAM do you have? And having the games on an SSD helps a bit too.

  10. I've just played the game. what other adaptations are good?

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