My Fiance left me at the altar

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  1. Break the f**k up. That can cause you serious implications and skin problems.

  2. Would it be possible for me to ask for a snippet of his fur? I don’t want to ask and inconvenience them if it’s rude or a dumb question.

  3. I got some hair from my spaniel when we put her to sleep. I carry it everywhere ❤️🥺

  4. I don’t think it’s heartless as your being completely honest with yourself. You are the one that has to go through pregnancy, not him.

  5. They get treats every day. They have a designated mug that a cocktail of treats go in to and I pour them on the dining room floor for them. Not a single one of them will come running for treats until I loudly shout, “mummy’s making it rain treats”. Then it’s like a herd of elephants.

  6. Because my sister in law thinks my mom is controlling and makes everything about her.. that’s why she wanted only me to plan her baby shower next month

  7. Fuck you Ben indeed. I am so truly utterly sorry for you. I hope that one day something good comes out of this for you. I hope that you can look back and say “I’m glad that happened as look at where I am now and who I have found who loves me and treats me a million times better”. Until then, keep taking one day as it comes. X

  8. I lost half a stone with Covid which I could have done with keeping! Same as you I was eating throughout but my appetite has vanished. I’m still struggling with extreme fatigue and a dry cough. I’m sure all will go back to normal.

  9. How come you are not Vaccinated? It does sound like Covid. Me and my partner were poorly from the next day after being exposed. It’s not nice.

  10. I just didn’t have time like that unfortunately I’m so dumb I know I really regret this

  11. Try not to worry. It’s just a bad cold/flu like symptom for most. You will be okay. Just make sure you keep your fluids up and rest what ever it is

  12. I haven’t tested yet but have the same symptoms. Have you been feeling a bit disoriented?

  13. I would encourage him to come forward, and tell him that if he doesn't, I will have to.

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