1. It is between him and Loki but yes. Likely.

  2. I’m very curious to see more about Baro now, how will he handle this? Or maybe Marc will join the game(?)

  3. Reminder BM not only have the protagonist of the story, but the antagonist of the arc, so double the plot armor, do you really expect Kaiser to lose to anyone but Isagi?

  4. Nope. Thats the problem. Too much plot armor for just one team

  5. NEL also not having draws give less margen of error for the author to give teams a lose.

  6. I know, it’d just be nice to me if one between Shidou and Baro won against Isagi, but I like Isagi so yeah, I’ll live with that if it doesn’t happen

  7. Shidou, Kunigami, Aiku and the Baro one would be mine.

  8. Who needs brains when you're that hot? Don't worry about it, Zantetsu :v

  9. Maybe it’s a different Type of vision?

  10. Nobody can beat plot armor tho

  11. Rin literally had more plot armor than Isagi in the 4v4 considering he won out of luck.

  12. Yep. He won the game, but he still lost against Isagi.

  13. Wait wasnt Kunigami Bi and Shidou gay?

  14. dawg even Imamura's lame ass got a better chance of being on a cover than Shiguma

  15. The second wild card ⁉️‼️❓

  16. Tbh I know straight women who like watching Lesbian porn too

  17. Romantically. Straight women romantically talking I meant.

  18. The Damien one. Felt super rushed, unfair and forced. Hoping for him to become a protagonist in season 2 🤞🏼

  19. I'm praying god him or Tsunzaki Taiga start getting relevance eventually even tho it likely won't happen

  20. YES PLEASE. Their eyes are just>>

  21. 🔥😫👼🥰🪐 Manifesting Akira. 🙏✨🤩🦄🥺

  22. Having reo on the team and nagi on the bench is a net negative, he will not perform as well due to his style of playmaking only working because nagi is so good at trapping

  23. You are pretty right. But that’s why I put him as Defensive Midfielder, if Nagi enters the pitch, Baro would have to leave as Nagi would be the main striker imo. So Reo would pass from DMID to AMID and that would be op. Although, it’s all about what defensive feats can Raichi show during the match against Ubers. If he manages to stop Baro a lot of times, then Raichi would be my first choice as a Defensive midfielder.

  24. You are right. Although, I put shidou and Sae close so Sae can help him scoring. And even if this doesn’t work, you can put Kunigami or Nagi in his place

  25. No Igaguri? 0 out of 10 I’m sorry

  26. Ripper, Dave and Chase I’d say

  27. I hope that at least one of them gets to play in the neo egoist league (I personally think Akira is the one with the most potential). It’s not that I’m tired of the og characters, but I’d like to see new competitors, just to shake things up

  28. I liked the character gimmick tho

  29. All stars Duncan absolutely yes. But if prison made him become island Duncan again then.. everything could happen in a new season with him

  30. I just hope Caleb makes it to the merge and doesn’t become a villain next season. Otherwise he’d just be another Justin

  31. Yeah I think Scott and Sky or Scott and Bowie would be the captains

  32. Lowkey y’all doing too much with the Damien situation. Literally already overrated for what, wanting to be voted out so much in the first season and then gets voted out the moment he changers his mind. Then of course since the fan base doesn’t know how to learn from the speculations prior to the first season y’all decided to go all crazy with the second one:

  33. Bro it’s a cartoon and we’re just saying opinions and predictions. There is no need to take it this serious

  34. Not 100%. Scary Girl and Damien take the cake more than Priya and Damien


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