1. I’m addition to being in awful taste it’s also really poorly done.

  2. If I’m AEW I want no parts of punk. Dude is injury prone at this juncture in his career, he’s also toxic to an absurd degree. AEW is only within the last few months pulling themselves out of the hole he created. Why plunge yourself back in?

  3. Man it’s pretty corny to say, but your pics have made me excited again to eventually be a veterinarian, and to eventually be back out in nature. At one point those were my passions, but the past several years have drained me, as I know they have also drained many others. I honestly haven’t looked forward to either of those things in a long time.

  4. It’s not silly at all man. The last few years have been draining for everyone and I’m so honored to read this and to have moved you in this respect. All I ever want to accomplish through photography is to convey how I was feeling in that moment and share it with others. If my joy has given you joy that is the most rewarding thing I could ever ask for. Thank you for sharing that moment of vulnerability with me. Please dm me with whatever images you were interested in my friend.

  5. They setup on the smaller runs that feed into the Pennypack.

  6. Anyway you could dm me with like specific coordinates? Cause that sounds dope

  7. I prefer not to share. The difficulties they face with so many people already utilizing the watershed, they don’t need any additional pressure. I am going to edit my earlier comment to remove the location I already shared. I hope you understand and if not, my apologies.

  8. I one hundred percent understand and respect your choice.

  9. Tbh - it sounds like they let him do what he wanted and this is where he wound up.

  10. I feel like he’s at his best when he’s allowed to put his ideas on display to a point….like you gotta rein him in. Also….like a mt dew match? Like…how fucking dumb is that?

  11. No I know. It def wasn’t him. That’s what I’m saying. Like you have this character with all this hype after a big return and like a whole story line or whatever and for better or worse a lot of intrigue and your big return match for this character is like…..a match that looks like a laser tag arena sponsored by a soda flavor.

  12. Can I ask what lens you used for this?

  13. Gods, I love this image. The water splashing over the loon is just tremendous. Great job, OP

  14. Is Justin Credible a member of the kliq? I have heard both yes and no on this topic.

  15. you should enter the federal duck stamp competition. that could totally be a 3 cent

  16. Don’t those have to be illustrated?

  17. Any idea if they stay in one area of the Wissahickon or are they just migrating through?

  18. Year round beauty right here

  19. Holy shit I’ve seen several of your posts previously, but I finally checked out your post history. I’m literally gonna set aside 30min to go through them gallery-style. Especially some of the macrophotos… just insane.

  20. Thank you man! That’s incredibly kind of you! I just enjoy sharing my joy with other people!

  21. I’m not even much of a birds pics person, but these are amazing

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