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  1. The little ginger-brown dot above the top of the upper circle is a pirate spider eggsac (Ero species), there's 4 or 5 others also there, plus three other spiders in the pic

  2. It fell that way because of the centre of mass was that side of the tree, not because of the way he cut it

  3. It’s thirsty, can’t tell if there’s rust on a couple leaves as well or if they’re orange because they’ve gone dry

  4. Thanks for the advice and price estimates!

  5. I’d say £100 seems fair if there’s really not Much tree to cut, but a lot of arborist wouldn’t consider a £100 job worth doing. Lots of things are taken into consideration eg: is there access on the street for truck and chipper, do the branches need to be pulled through the house, etc. Again remember prices vary over the country. I’ve only ever done local work so I’m clueless

  6. I'm surprised no one is mentioning the roots of this tree. Willows are notorious for roots spreading out much further than the height of the tree and causing problems when being cut down (from personal experience). Would you recommend OP try to discuss with their neighbors about it not getting any bigger? If the neighbours have been there for 40 years it may not be long before the house is sold and the new owners get rid of it.

  7. I think OP should talk about it getting cut down to about half the height it is now and having it pruned properly to have it look like a nice umbrella. Regarding the roots, the wall at the bottom of the garden looks okay which is peculiar. I’m not sure new neighbours would get rid of it, Trees usually add value to houses. Would be a shame to take it down, 50 years taken to grow but 30 minutes to cut it down.

  8. Cut it back and left it in the ground. No special treatment

  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the answers :) I will go on a local rock hunting journey I guess

  10. I dont know about you, but personally I find the world view of homosexuals being unmanly kinda ridiculous.

  11. If gays want to fuck men and so do women, does that not make gays like women and unmanly? Not my view just debating your point

  12. Based on body shape and the short tail, I think it’s a badger.

  13. The state of Wisconsin has the badger as their state animal.

  14. Yeah dude I thought he had the same skin condition as me

  15. This is what I was thinking but have literally never done cuttings before. Any pointers you can offer for a novice?

  16. Look up a tutorial, basically you want little shoots about 5 inches long with not too much leaf and not too little. Make a nice clean cut on the shoot so the rooting powder can really take effect, I like to cut mine in a V at the bottom. Make sure to cover your cuttings too. I think a 2L bottle works a charm and good way to recycle. Good luck

  17. Me too, well my ones at home. Every time the poor things sent out a pair of shoots, they’d be gone overnight.

  18. Beetle looks like a good match for a young/baby green shield bug

  19. So young shield bugs don’t have the shield Shape? I was kind of leaning more towards some sort of leaf beetle

  20. Young shield bugs and stink bugs are surprisingly round (and cute)

  21. So in your words police have better things to do than enforcing the law?

  22. God you’re really a fun sponge. Police aren’t equipped to deal with real crime at the moment so yes police do have better things to be doing with how crazy the world is right now. I think saving this bird could have been a good learning curve for OP I know if it was me I would do all the research I could not just on keeping the bird healthy but pretty much everything. Your right the majority of the general public isn’t capable of providing veterinary care but how could we when people like you will call the police when we try and learn 🤣

  23. Poaching wildlife isn't fun, if you think it is you're sick in the head.

  24. How do you know it would die ? You’re seriously such a fun person. Go out an enjoy the world you cretin

  25. Absolutely, I cba accept mistakes but they’re harder to accept when they cost lives, but private hospitals are probably a little less stressed all the time

  26. Every time I’ve been in an NHS hospital they’ve fucked up royally, took 10 minutes to fix a dislocation after waiting for 2 hours and they almost killed my mother. I will be moving to private ASAP.

  27. Thinking about buying a ‘firework’ agapanthus. And a bunch of tulbaghia to go with it

  28. Freshly(?) hatched caterpillars. They're difficult to tell apart at an early stage, but maybe some sort of tussock (Lymantriinae subfamily).

  29. Any idea why the have decided the coffee mug was a good place to hatch ?

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