1. I can't wait to see how many of them keep buying after the reverse split. We're about to see stupidity on an (even more) unimaginable level.

  2. I'm just curious how long this can go on for. I mean once they burn through this offering are they going to reverse split again and run it back until people stop buying?

  3. Reality is a bitch that's why some people choose to live in a fantasy world where everything is bullish.

  4. Thanks for the update! Glad to see it was restored

  5. I thought it was poetic that it was called "American Dream" and it was lush in the 80's then decayed into shit. I was ready to live with that.

  6. CS has been teetering on the edge for a while. I don't think anyone who pays attention to this kind of stuff is surprised they folded.

  7. Once GME merges with BBBY they will sell used towels, then who's laughing?

  8. Seems more like you are digging for a rebuttal. I only commented on the obvious that this sub is full of some crusty crabs who think they are relevant and lean left because of simply opposing a conservative YouTuber.

  9. I really don't know how to reply to someone calling me a prude. Okay whatever, I assume you are just being annoying and aren't actually dumb enough you interpreted this post that way so I'm not going to fight you over it.

  10. So this is the game? You pretend to be an idiot and I keep telling you I know you are just trying to push buttons and that you understand the point of this post was not that I find tits offensive. Seems like a waste of time honestly.

  11. The business fundamentals and the squeeze indicators are both wayyyyy worse for BBBY than they were for GME. Until apes ran up the price it was trading at something like 0.65 price to book ratio and right before the run up it was shorted over 100% of the float. GME was originally pitched as a value investment play before it turned into an entirely different thing. BBBY on the other hand is likely under 30% of float shorted. At last update there were over 600,000 shares available to short. The entire short squeeze premise was based on the float before we got Friday's update that the outstanding share count has increased 3x, which completely kills that theory. Oh and fundamentals, BBBY's price to book is 0.0 because the value of the company is a large negative number. Once again these people fundamentally fail to understand these things they've made their entire personality.

  12. As a UBS shareholder I ain't happy with that shit bag either. Fuck shareholders though. Selling on open if it doesn't dump.

  13. Haha yeah rip USB share price. Currently my worst pick but it's sub 1% of my portfolio so whatever, can't win em all.

  14. BTC is speculation but ETH can credibly be called an investment. Ethereum is a platform which is constantly getting improvements and new applications built on top of it, and ETH is the currency which make those applications usable. As the platform continues to improve ETH will become more valuable, similar to how a company's stock becomes more valuable as the company improves.

  15. You just made a strong case for ETH being an unregistered security so good luck with that.

  16. I don’t think I did. I think I actually made the case it’s a commodity.

  17. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-03-15/sec-s-gary-gensler-signals-tokens-like-ether-are-securities

  18. I wonder if it will include all the people they shadow banned who never posted in this sub and weren't actually banned but have all their comments immediately deleted by automod because they asked too many bearish questions.

  19. It won't. They will definitely not draw attention to the fact that people who are critical of the stupid ass 7d chess meth head conspiracy theories get an unofficial ban. King Jannie knows dumb money still spends and is still under the illusion they will be able to rope enough dumb fucks into this play to salvage his bag holding bitch ass.

  20. Banks failing was supposed to trigger the squeeze 2 days ago now the bailouts are going to trigger a squeeze. Why you ask? Because everyone still in this stock is really fucking stupid and they just make things up as they go. Everything for the last 6 months has been "bullish" and they've done nothing but eat shit.

  21. Percentage wise how deep is it? If the price was $104 at close and I had a $50 call would you consider that to be DEEP ITM? Yes.

  22. You fool. If you bought 50 cent calls while the stock was over a dollar you paid a premium that was over 50 cent a share. Even if you close ITM unless the price goes up you will still lose money in the end. Buying 50 cent calls on a stock that's near a dollar is dumb as dog shit anyways. You are basically taking out a loan to buy shares. You are really really bad at this.

  23. Her salary is around $1.4 million a year. She would rather dilute her equity holding to keep making that salary

  24. The company wouldn't exist without the offering to dilute. It was their last desperation play to keep the lights on otherwise they would have gone into default on the bonds and loans and been forced into bankruptcy. As much as I'd love to shit on the board they are just left with a mess made years before they showed up. If the old board just put their money in the bank instead of spending many billions of dollars on share buybacks BBBY would have enough money to weather the storm and maybe rebuild the company into something sustainable. At this point though it's probably just too far gone and they had no options but fire a bunch of people and close a bunch of stores and bend the shareholders over a barrel or everyone loses their job and the shares get delisted. In a fucked up way this is better. Anyone with an ounce of common sense was warned what would happen in plain English on the SEC filings and had time to dump their shares before getting absolutely wrecked by dilution instead of just going straight to bankruptcy and delisting.

  25. They bought back over 11 billion dollars worth of shares over the past 20 years then sold them all at a loss then burned through all that and sold the rights to dilute 9x for a billion. Ape ass company.

  26. If you were +100% and didn't sell I don't feel bad for you at all.

  27. Can someone explain this GameStop fiasco to me?? And Wtf is MOASS actually lol?

  28. GME was overshorted a few year ago and a movement started based on a value play to buy the stock (for example shares were trading at about 65% of book value) then it got picked up by the stock betting sub and went viral. in January 2021 the stock went into orbit, a few brokers had to turn off buying because they couldn't cover the spread of all the new accounts FOMOing in. Eventually that ended and the price declined significantly. A bunch of people left holding bags tried to recapture the magic of that initial squeeze and made a bunch of theories about hidden short positions that never closed and MOASS was the event they forecast where a bunch of uncovered short positions get exposed that are like 1000% of the outstanding shares then the entire financial system collapses as the price of a single GME share becomes over a million dollars.

  29. Imagine thinking that you’re going to survive a societal collapse because you purchased pixels on a screen

  30. I remember at the height of crypto craze I had fucking nerds arguing with me that if society collapsed bitcoin would be more valuable than gold or bullets.

  31. That’s my favorite one… like no your thing that needs electricity and infrastructure is not going to be more valuable than tangible assets

  32. Bitcoin would be worth actual nothing in a scenario where society collapses and people are trading horses for bags of seeds and everyone with a functioning brain realizes this automatically.

  33. Hey now, gold isn't the smartest investment but it's a lot better than losing 100% of your money. It would be a huge step up for anyone in BBBY.

  34. He would have known MOAM is inevitable if he bothered to read the counter-DD, there is no counter-counter-DD.

  35. There's a fucking table in the same SEC filing of everyone with significant % holdings and they aren't on it. Try again BBBaggies.

  36. And since reverse splits are extremely rare and effectively uncharted territory, there's absolutely no way to know for sure that it won't fuck the shorts over!

  37. I have it on good authority that when a stock reverse splits the price of a single share often goes up as much as 10x overnight 😏

  38. This is extra funny because they all got pumped and dumped on several times then screamed crime every time it happened.

  39. Funds dumping this turd since it's not going to be on small cap indexes anymore as of Monday pre-opening.

  40. I sold enough at 7.5 that my cost basis is negative. Whatever comes from the lawsuit is gravy. And believe me its going to be more than 8 dollars. Juries are pissed as hell nowadays. The days of small settlements are gone.

  41. Well good job on being smarter than 99% of apes and taking profits but I assure you that you are not going to get rich off a class action lawsuit against FINRA and you'd probably have a better case against Brda.

  42. Back in the day a bank overcharged me by $500 illegally. I got a check for $8 four years later in the class action lawsuit. You are so incredibly fucked on this trade.

  43. Keep us updated baggy. I'm curious to know how long you're going to remain stupid.

  44. ROFL this guy is a 56 year old trucker trying to find a 21 year old girlfriend on Reddit. 🤣 He's going to die stupid the delusions don't stop at meme stocks.

  45. That guy's coming unraveled and you love to see it. Just wait until the quarterly when we get to see all the new shares and of course when all those people he totally didn't give financial advice to start to realize he's a complete dunce and turn on him.

  46. I thought Jeremy hinted that one of his gay black dads died though...

  47. I think he just forgot he lied and said two and dialed it back to one.

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